Naturally Curly Hair

Are any of you Blessed/cursed with this hair issue?

I love my curly hair but everyone around me seems to have issues. Right now I have hair down below the ‘Bra Line’ but need to have it shortened. Dry & frizzie, I would love to have a mature cut with out going with the ‘man style’.

I’m 65 years old and quite grey, they (all the people in my cirlcle of friends) all seem to think I need that ‘little old man’ hair cut. but I love my curls, My reply has always been “why have all these curls and cut them off ?” (If you’ve got it, why not Flaunt it, right?)

I found a site about curls but they all seem to be young chickies, wanting long locks, that is not my issue, I would like a midlength style that would flatter my face and thinning hair, all hair thins as we age, without being that short cut favoured by men of all ages and women of a ‘certain age’.

If you have any ideas for a knitting knana who is not an ‘old’ woman I would love to hear from you.

As an after thought, Curly hair knits up in socks to a fair-thee-well. Looks good too. The ‘silver’ gives it a certain sheen.

Here’s the link to the ‘curls’ site

I hope someone will come up for some ideas for a nice style for you, but I would vote for you to keep your curls!!! If you like your hair long, who cares what others think? I have curly hair too and have had it long, in layers, short, etc… When I was a girl my mom preferred to keep my hair short like a boy because it was hard for her to deal with my hair… I hated to have that short curly hair!!! As soon as I turned 13 I decided to let it grow, inspite of my mom’s complains. But, hey, it was my head, my hair, and I was 'old" enough to take care of my own “trouble” hair, huh?

oh yes, but I’m currently embracing it. I found this book
and began using the deva products, which helped but not as much as finding the correct stylist. I found someone who had gotten certified as a deva trained stylist and basically she cuts your curls depending on how they curl and allows the natural shape to work.

What’s funny is that when I was younger I actually thought this sort of method made sense, but most stylists are trained to cut straight ends so I figured it was a stupid theory.

Now it works (better), I keep it fairly short (above shoulders) and I pay less than I used to for one day of good hair.

I have long curly locks too and no one can convince me to cut them off. If you like your long curls, KEEP them!!

To take care of the dry and frizz, check out Jessicurl products. I SWEAR by them and can not live without at the very least my Confident Coils solution and Inspiraling Spray. Watch the videos and read the curly hair tips for some good info on how to treat your curls, regardless of which products you use. I do (almost) the full routine and that’s how my curls stay bouncy, frizz free, and always drawing compliments.

Good luck! I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

My mom has curly-ish almost-all-white hair (she always blows it dry, so I have no idea, really, how curly it is - I know my dad’s is curlier than hers is) had is wearing her hair in a chin-length bob, which works with curly hair, too, as long as you don’t have hair so curly you have the triangle shape thing.

Something like this or this might work.

At the moment I’m growing out my short curly (and slowly graying) style and I’m not really sure where I’ll end up. I once had hair as long as yours, and loved the curl, but always was putting it up as there was just so much hair that it felt like I was wearing a blanket.

My hair is not so much curly as it is kinky. (My kids say it feels like doll hair) It’s pretty thick, about 3" above my waist, and starting to get pretty gray. I always liked my hair short, but DH likes it long. I went to visit my Mom in the senior care center yesterday and an elderly gentleman came up behind me and started telling me how beautiful my hair was, how DH must be really proud of it and like to show me off… And although it was sweet of him, I could only think that the man must not have had his eyes checked recently!

As a member of that site and of course a curly-girl myself, I too had long hair (bsl - bra strap length) for years and then I finally got sick of it and had it cut - by someone who knows how to cut curly hair. And I have yet to have a horrible haircut/style. I did the Ouidad cut and the Diva cut and have stuck with the Diva cut as my hairdresser is much cheaper than the Ouidad stylists. And yes, she is trained by Lorraine massey.

BUT that being said, I bought all the expensive hair products like Jessicurl (have a shelf full of her stuff) and I’ve bought the Ouidad products and while they did work, I just couldn’t afford paying those prices which is why is so great.

Those women/girls on that site have and continue to try all the cheaper brands that cost next to nothing AND they are curly-girl friendly. I currently use LA looks gel, the yellow and the blue gel work great and I get no frizz. Plus a big bottle costs me $1.97 at Walmart!!! Can’t go wrong with that!

I say just browse the site for more suggestions for products and if you want to cut your hair then cut it! If you like your length then don’t cut it. Who gives a rats-ass what other people think. They are probably just jealous of your gorgeous locks. :wink:

That’s all my mother ever does is listen to what others think and she’s wrestled with her hair for years. She’ll never learn.

The only reason why you should get your hair cut, is if you WANT to get it cut.

I have a face-framing layered cut that I just love. If you want to have a shorter cut, I would recommend something like that.

My hair has had a slight curl to it in the past but now it has gone back to not much more than a slight wave. It has always been so thick, so that is why I have decided to start keeping it shorter.

i’m a curly trying to grow mine out long, and i say KEEP IT LONG! it’s your hair, and if you’re happy with it, don’t go in for the peer pressure! if you want to change it up a little add some layers or hwatever. i just know from my experiences, my curly hair is easier to care for when it’s long compared to short. less styling products because the curls do their own thing when they get long.
i’ve been using jessicurl products recently (thank you silver!) and i love them. my hair is consistant, which is nice. i’ve also discovered natures gate aloe conditioner. my hair loves this stuff.

so do what you like! if you’re happy, then keep it!

I’d kill for curly hair! So I say keep it! If you like it that is the most important thing. It would be a shame if you cut it all off and then really missed it.

I would like to thank everyone for the information. I am NOT blessed with curly hair, but my DD is. DH and I do not believe in cutting girl’s hair so knowing about the products will help when she gets a little older.

I just have to say THANK YOU!! to all of you who posted info and websites about curly hair. I have always had curly hair, but never knew it could look so good! :slight_smile: I followed the tips and directions from the websites this morning when I fixed my hair, and WOW. It’s only 8:45am and I have already gotten 4 compliments. :slight_smile: I had no idea, thanks! :slight_smile:

Keep the curls and wear your hair the way YOU like it. It’s YOUR hair and if you enjoy your curls, then wear them. I don’t understand why so many people feel that older women should cut their hair and adopt the “Medicare Hair” I have curly hair as well and it is slowly being flocked with gray. I do tend to color it with henna from time to time, but not to cover the gray, just because I like red hair and commercial colors are too strong for my hair. Mine is almost to my waist and I just wear it pulled back or parted on the side (but it then tends to get tucked behind my ear.) I find older women with long hair to be beautiful!

Oh just wanted to add, if you are using products to “soften your curls” look in the ingredients list to make sure that they don’t contain placenta. Placenta is full of hormones and can cause all kinds of issues. Just read about this recently and was surprised at how many products use placenta in them and how they are effecting our children (and ourselves!)

Thanks for all the information and I will order some of those ‘Jessicurl’ products. Now I just have to figure out which ones. I think I might start with the sample pack and see what works. Thanks Ladies.

I think curly hair looks better longer myself so I say keep it long!! i don’t know why people always have to force you to be WHAT THEY Want you to be. if you feel pretty your way go with it. I bet you look beautiful and they are just jealous of your hair.

I have naturally curly hair as well. It a little longer than shoulder length. I alternate between wearing it straight and wearing it curly. when i wear it curly I use john frida leave in conditioner and his dream curls. I LOVE IT. its leave my curls bouncy and soft. I have very fine curly hair that has a tendency to frizz. I also have this WONDERFUL leave in conditioner from patene but unfortunately I bought it when I visited my father in Dubai and when I contacted patene they confirmed that they do not sell it in the states so He has to send it to me. This conditioner seriously makes my hair soooo shiny and soft and grows faster ( I have the slowest growing hair) I don’t know what’s in it because besides the name the rest of the stuff is in arabic. but they did say they would be eventually bringing it to the states.

I think you should find a salon/stylist who does the Ouidad cut. It’s made for curly hair, and can be done for all lengths. I haven’t heard of the other cuts (Diva, Jessicurl) but I am sure they are quite similar. I’ve been able to have shorter styles with the Ouidad cut, but don’t go short just because its expected of you.

(I hate it when I drop the keyboard and it bounces a few times, sending me all around the Web and popping up windows…Anyhow.)
I have long hair, too. It’s thinner than it used to be, but would still be to my waist loose.It’s staying unless I lose it for some reason. Strangers really do come up and all but demand I cut it. Too bad…the more they hate it the longer it stays :smiley: I tend to wear it in a loose braid most of the time. Nothing pulls, nothing tangles and I don’t need to worry about what it’s up to behind my back.

The shorter curly hair is, the more care it takes. Unless you, yourself, for yourself, really want to cut it, DON’T!

definitely try the jessicurl stuff. she’s a really nice woman, and is all about natural stuff. it’s great. i use her gentle lather shampoo, the rocking ringlets and the confident coils. i find with this stuff that i don’t need to use a lot, so while the bottle costs a bit, it does last a really LONG time.
just wash your scalp only, and finger comb the suds through the ends like she suggests, so you don’t go through so much shampoo.
otherwise, the natures gate aloe conditioner (i found mine at the grocery store in the natural section) is awesome. i can use a lot, or a little, as a leave in, or a rinse out. it’s all good!
share pictures!

That’s interesting site, as a wavy haired person i gave up and cut it all super short. I’m now trying to grow it out but hairdressers always cut it like it’s straight and five seconds out of the shop and i goes “PING” back to wavy - usually in the opposite direction to what I want. Looking for an idea!

:?? I’d have to disagree with this statement. I used to have long curly hair and I used more product due to the longer hair. I then cut it and use way less product and it is so much easier for me to take care of…

Of course to each his own, but it’s not at all difficult for me to take care of…:shrug: