Nantasket Felted Basket

Hey all - I want to make this found on Knitpicks, but am I an idiot as I cannot find how many skeins I need to order.



Thanks! :wink:

Nantasket Basket

nevermind! I found out how to do it.


It was 6 right? I did MATH for you girl!

uh huh


sorry ingrid!

but but but, I didn’t know how many skeins of each COLOR! :smiley: Their handy-dandy chart thingymajiggy figgered it out for me

:oops: I didn’t even think of that, duh! :doh:


okay so I just ordered that pattern and a bunch of WOTA! Christmas gifts, here I knit! :smiley:

That is CUUUUUUUUUUTE! What colors did you choose?

well, because they’re not for me, I used more ‘normal’ color combos (I think!) :shock:

chocolate and hush

fern and mist

snickerdoodle and evergreen


If you are on that page for the Nantucket Basket and pick "Make this project now for as little as $10.74! " under the picture it will take you to the bottom where you select your colors and then it will calculate how many of each and then you can check the yardage/grams with what you want to use.

Hope this is helpful. Lets see it when it is done. I just started felting myself. Have fun.