Nancy's Knit Kards?

Has anyone tried these cards before? A woman in my knitting group suggested them for when I go to the Sheep and Wool Festival this coming weekend, but I am not sure. I am basically looking for a way to semi-organize myself so that I don’t buy tons of yarn that I have no plans for. I don’t mind if some of it is just on a whim, but to be sort of organized would be nice. Any suggetions you could send my way would be great. Thanks!

I’ve never heard of them. What are they exactly?

Still not sure WHAT they are but HERE they are!!!

They are laminated colored cards on a ring. Each card covers a specific topic such as:
Kitchener Stitch Made Easy!™ (combined with One Row Buttonhole)
Perfect One Row Buttonhole™ (combined with Kitchener Stitch)
Make to Fit™
Yarn Classification Chart™
Yarn Yardage Estimator™
Yarn Yardage Table™
Perfect Gauge Swatch™
Decreases Knit-Kard™
Yarn Label Guide™
Knitting Abbreviations and Terms™
Needle Inventory™
A special Wraps Per Inch Knit-Kard is only availalble with our WPI Tool

I guess one of the cards can be used to tell you the amount of yarn you need to knit a scarf for example depending on the weight of the yarn you will be purchasing. You can download the cards to your computer, but it is cost $15 more than ordering them from the website and even though I want them for this weekend I am not sure they are worth the extra money.

Has anyone ever used them?

I’ve been thinking about these as well. Seems like a good way to store a lot of information at your fingertips and keep them with my projects to use for reference. Beats having to pull all the books out to find the best information…

I’ve had a set for a couple of years; some (like the ones to estimate yardage for projects) I use constantly, others not too often.