Namaste knitting bags

Anyone have one of the Namaste knitting bags, and if so, do you like it? I was looking at the Executive or the Messenger Bag. I’m just disappointed in the way that my Jordanna Paige knitters bag is holding up. So, now I am off to find a new, great knitting bag. :slight_smile:

okay those look cool and if that messenger bag wasn’t courderoy (yeah i can’t spell that) i would be digging on that right now! i may become obsessed with the executive bag though!

I am curious though about the trouble you have had with the Jordanna bag. which one do you have and what’s going wrong with it? mine spends a lot of time getting knocked around my car and various jobs and still seems to be okay (pink tweed messenger bag) beyond getting a bit dirty in the process. anything i should be looking out for?

I actually have the knitter’s purse. The one that has been discontinued. The first one I had, the straps cracked after like a week. I sent it back and got a replacement, and they are cracked again. I take it almost everywhere, and if anything gets on it, it leaves a stain, including water. I have tried to clean it off and it just makes it worse. Otherwise, the inside is great. I love the room and the style, just made out of materials that are not up to par IMHO. :frowning:

I like the messenger bag, even if it is a coudoroy-type material, but I also like the messenger bag from JP. The executive bag you are eyeing up looks great too!!

I have the Namaste Everyday Handbag in Chocolate. I really like it. My only reservations are that the vinyl lining is a little too stiff, I would prefer fabric. And the center pocket has a zipper, which makes me nervous and I watch it to make sure it doesn’t snag my yarn. But there is tons of room, lots of pockets, and it’s very pretty. It has a long shoulder strap that is an attractive attachment.

I like the looks of the Namaste messenger bag. And now I wish I had bought the everyday in that green color… :thinking:

AND I noticed that the new Jordana Paige bag (advertised in the new Vogue Knitting) looks a GREAT DEAL like the Namaste Everyday. I would buy the Namaste for half the price (I’m guessing) of the JP before everyone else figures this out.

I have a 2 great knitting bags from

They are so beautiful. I have the large carpet and the pockets in the inside are so great and easy to use. I really :heart: :heart: :heart: my knitting bags from Martha. I also have a Vintage syle demi that I love for my small projects. I have my first pair of sock in it right now.!! Here is a pic.

Wow. That’s gorgeous. Here, I’m happy with my el-cheapo tapestry bag I got at Garden Ridge for $3. But now I’m beginning to want all these other bags. Darn you girls!!

Links, please. :slight_smile:

glass needles and knitting bags!

I am drooling for a pair of glass needles. I don’t know what size I’d get them in, but I really really want a pair.

I know the Namaste website – I’ve been drooling over their needles for a long time! I was just wondering where you all order yours, as they don’t have direct purchase on the website. :slight_smile:

ah sorry…thought you were looking to see the bags…haven’t ordered one myself.

I’ve been through their retailers page, and I think I’ve clicked on every link there, but I can’t find anyone who sells the bags online. :frowning: I’d really like that messenger bag, and I don’t have a LYS.

did you check the online drop down? this one is going to be selling it but apparently not until sometime next month? maybe it isn’t actually available yet?


I didn’t even see the drop down menu until you mentioned it! :lol: Okay, so I guess I’ll have to wait, then. Thanks!

I got my Namaste Everyday here:

ohh you can never have to many knitting bags lol although I have to say I don’t understand why most knitting bags do not show inside pictures… thats what I wanna see :lol: