Hi – I’m new to this forum. Joined as a knitter but when I saw the spinning section I just had to ask this question. I have a beautiful Nagy wheel which I received as a gift about 15 to 20 years ago. My children (bless them) lost parts while I was, shall we say, inactive (read busy being a mom). I haven’t been able to locate any Nagy representative anywhere to replace parts. Does anyone here own a Nagy or know where to find the Nagy company? (New Zealand, I know, but where?) They seem to have some stuff, though I’ve never heard of them, nor do I really know what they have. I didn’t really check it, so sorry if it doesn’t help.

Thanks! I have e-mailed them about parts and am awaiting a reply. How did you find them? They didn’t come up when I goggled.


Weird. I googled Nagy spinning wheel parts.

Maybe I should have googled instead of goggled (tee hee). I only googled Nagy, maybe that’s why.

LOL Hopefully they have what you need!

I have just dismantled a 1981 Nagy upright spinning wheel. I know that it is six years since you posted your request, but if you are like me you will have kept the wheel until you were sure that there were no parts anywhere in the world. I have used a couple of the parts, but what is left may contain what you want. Nagy as a company no longer exists, but the wheels are still very popular. Some people compete to see who can find the oldest one!

I’m looking for the large whorl for my Nagy. Do you have one? What other parts do you have?



Yes, I do have a large whorl. Its diameter is the length of a normal ballpoint pen. I have it listed for sale on Trade Me so you can have a look at it there. I have other parts too and they are listed in that auction. Everyone still loves Nagy wheels. They are made of kauri and have great balance.I got a message from the moderater of this page. I’m most impressed.


If you can’t find the listing, get in touch with me again here. I’ll try to remember to check it more regularly. M

I live in US. Trademe won’t let me register. I see auction closed on two of the whorls. I’ll take both if you can send to me.

Look at
It is an old website with no shopping cart etc, and it is a tad difficult to negotiate, but you will find the contact details that you need there.
Sorry, I did not know that Trade Me limited its members. At least you could see the whorls there.
Kind regards.

Visited your web site and sent message hopefully you received it. Just wanted to tell you your fleeces are beautiful. If you didn’t get note contact me a

Hello Weavingthyme.
Love your username! I will email you. Your message must have been lost. There were some problems with some Xtra contacts recently. Thank you for your comment about our fleeces.

Hi have just been given a lovely nagy wheel minus a part do you still have any parts left?

Hi! I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but I thought I’d try. I just inherited a Nagy upright spinning wheel. It is beautiful, but I just don’t have the space to really keep it. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much a wheel might be worth if its in good condition? I could send pictures. Thanks!

Its only worth what someone would pay for it.

If it has all its parts, I’d say at least $150-$200. The thing with older wheels is parts are hard to come by. Manufacturing parts for a wheel isn’t impossible, but it does get expensive. A few years ago, I spent $60 for a woodworker to make 2 bobbins for me for an antique (late 1700’s) Irish Saxon wheel.

I’d be interested in seeing photos. I’m not in the market for another wheel (there are currently 5 in my flock) but I love looking at older wheels.

Hi there - I am looking for a replacement flyer for my 1976 Nagy upright wheel as the present one is de-laminating - any suggestions? ( I am a very new spinner - still making very textural yarn)
Many thanks

Welcome to KH!
Maybe @mullerslanefarm can offer a suggestion?

Hi @Marcia-Ann,
That is one of the downfalls of buying a vintage (or antique) wheel. Parts are hard to come buy. Nagys haven’t been produced since around the mid-80’s ( You may have to find a good woodworker to produce one for you or put up ISO ads on spinning forums (FB has many, as does Ravelry).

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more. Good Luck on your search.

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