N00bie problems

I’m trying to get my first project started, but am having isnane amounts of trouble with it.

I’ve finally gotten the cast-on done correctly for the entire circular needle (the pattern calls for 90 stiches - though I’m pretty much just playing around by this point), but then I have to join them. Problem is, I can’t even figure out where that needle is going in the “knit” section of the videos. I’ve tried both English and Continental and I’ve had more success with English, but not by much. I can go so far as wrapping the yarn around the needle, but I can’t tell where I’m trying to get it to go. Pull it through what? The orginal stitch loop?

And if I manage to get something onto the opposite needle, it just looks like a blob of knots hanging there. :oops:

Are there any clearer diagrams or instructions for this part?

My suggestion is that before you commit to a 90-stitch project, cast on about 20 stitches and practice.

Here and here and here are some knitting diagrams.

Yes, you wrap your yarn and pull it through the loop you put your needle in, then slide that off the left needle.