Mystery Yarn Help - How Do I Know/Guess?

I just KNOW that I saw some posts a while back on this topic but can not find them now that I need/want them. Urg.

I just got a small bag of some “mystery” yarns. Curious as to how you guys/gals determine what kind of yarn it is (sock, sport, worsted weight, blend, wool, cotton)? ANY guidance on this subject would be appreciated. NONE of it has any labels and isn’t in skeins or hanks (or balls). Just a small destash from a gal who had gotten it from someone else. I THINK I may have some sock yarn but not sure what constitutes “sock yarn”. Also have some funky type of yarn that I’ve NO clue about so no idea how to determine what I can knit with it.

Done rambling…for now. Thanks.

To determine if it’s wool or synthetic, I know you can try the burn test. Burn an end. If it melts, it’s acrylic, if not, it’s a natural fabric.

As for weight, scroll down on this page and there is a chart for wraps per inch to determine yarn weight.

Hee hee…fire! Fire! I get to play with matches. LOL. I’m going to scare the crap out of my DH with this one.

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for your help, Ingrid!!!

You sound a little TOO excited about this. :shifty: