Mysterious loop at the end of each row

Hi – I am a new knitter and am teaching myself. I’ve watched the videos here and have a visual guide book to reference as well…

None of them address this issue, so I am VERY confused!

At the end of every row, I end up with a loop that doesn’t do anything… It doesn’t hold a stitch… it just sits/hangs there.

I’m obviously doing something that I shouldn’t, but I can’t figure it out. None of the books make any mention of anything like this.


You could possibly be adding an extra stitch at the beginning of each new row. A lot of new knitters do this. Count your stitches, and see if there are more than you started with, and post here if that’s the case. If it is, it will be easy to fix. If it’s not, then I’m completely wrong. :teehee:

Have you knit several rows? It’s normal, especially for new knitters, to have a stitch at the end that is looser. After you knit a few rows it usually looks fine though. Can you post a picture?

At the moment I am teaching my grandson how to knit. He also sometimes has an extra stitch. He forgets to knit the last stitch on the needle. This could be happening to you. I just make sure that he has all the right amount of stitches. If you do then take the stitch and put it back onto the left needle and knit it. He also had a hard time with the loose stitch at the end of the row. He couldn’t find where to put the needle. He finally figured it out. He had the light bulb moment. It was so cute.
So check your knitting and see if you are forgetting to knit that last stitch.
I hope you find the answer to your problem with some of the answers given.

Thanks for the replies!

I was wondering about the extra stitch thing, but when I count my cast on row, do I count the slipknit?

I’ll try this and post a photo later


Yes, the slipknot is counted as a stitch.

Sometimes the first stitch ‘just looks’ looser than the other stitches anyway- especially when you are first learning how. Just make sure you do put your needle in the right place in the loop-- of this stitch… just like you’d do at any other place in the knitting.
As long as you have the right number of stitches on each row… all is well.

If you’re not adding an extra stitch and you still have the loops, try pulling the first stitch each time you turn your work a little bit (just a little bit) tighter than the rest of your stitches. That works for me. Just don’t go overboard and pull them so tight it messes with your pattern or prevents you from sliding your needle in!