My yarn STINKS

LITERALLY!!! I ordered a bunch of yarn from and I got it today and the Red Heart Soft yarn smells vile!! I didn’t realize that’s what it was until I got 16 rows of it into my scarf. AND when I yanked the yarn the smell almost choked me. What is this?!!? Should I worry about the fact that I sniffed it for a while trying to figure out WHAT it was

ETA: Just called the customer service for and they don’t use any kind of pesticide or moth spray in their warehouse… so no idea what it is

I don’t know… I don’t use that stuff anymore, but I’ve never noticed a smell before. Maybe try airing it out for awhile first.

BTW… Who IS that in your avatar? Something about him kinda creeps me out…but then I’m ‘old’ so you know… :teehee:

you have a few options…

  1. wash the yarn. I use an old nylon, put the skein in as is and tie off the end, then toss into the washer and dryer according to the label instructions.

  2. Stick the yarn outside to air it out

  3. Tie the yarn up in a bag with some of those Mr. Clean dryer sheets to absorb the nasty smell. It’ll take about a week or so.

LOL!!! It’s Matthew Gray Gubler. He played Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. I <3 his pretty hair!

thank you!! I’ll stick it in the wash and see if that helps. :hug:

I take it you’ve had a similar problem?

Ah. Where there you go…I don’t watch that show. :teehee:

Anytime anything smells I use distilled white vinegar. I pour about a 1/4 cup into all my loads of socks and also into my loads of towels,rags and washable covers for anything like the swiffer.On pet odors, I find it still works better than Nature’s Miracle. I know people that have said it works miracles on items that have been washed thrice to no avail,lol. Personally, I’m really bad with smells and sometimes I automatically assume there is mold or mildew in it in which case the vinegar really eases my mind, being a natural mold/mildew killer and all.

I would call them and demand a refund, raise a “stink” so to speak…

Ah well…


Another thought… call the credit card company that you charged it to and have them put a hold on payment. I recently had to do this when I ordered a $75.00 fruit basket and guess what… not one piece of fruit was in the basket! Good grief, there was a long discussion about what fruit would be included, etc. It was blatant.

Visa decided we had a valid complaint, and not a dime was paid.


I’ve gotten yarn from freecycle… as well as had some in my strictly arylic/only knew how to crochet days that did that :slight_smile: