My yarn stash was in danger this weekend

Scary stuff indeed… check out my blog the Dec. 3 entry for details.

I had to laugh later… the only yarn that I had taken w/ me (when I had to spend the night at a friend’s house) was some old RED HEART for the slipper that I was knitting… and left the cashmere, etc. in the apartment.

CLEARLY, I wasn’t thinking? :wink:

Scary stuff. I’m not so sure I’d be so calm and level headed about it. At least you didn’t lose any of your stash.

Jinkies! I’m glad everything worked out ok.

Yes, IF I had not been home… (and acted as I did) there would not have been ANY STASH or anything else left… maybe not anything left of a few floors of my apartment building either???

Scary stuff… is all I can say…

Glad you are safe!!!

its a good job you were in when it happened and awake

You are so fortunate that the fire didn’t start at night!! Glad that you (and your stash, but mostly you) are safe!! How scary!!

I’m so glad everything turned out ok and that you reacted so calmly!! Fires are one thing I worry about or are in fear of…I’m always checking this and that…:hug:

Thanks all… it was so surreal… to see FLAMES shooting out of the wall to say the least… It’s shocking when it happens- because, it’s so unexpected…

My microwave is dead now and I had also gone to the grocery store on SAT… so, all that food isn’t safe to eat… since, the power was off for so long… about 30 hours…

Wow glad everything turned out ok! You were very fortunate that you were home. I honestly don’t think I would have reacted so calmly in the face of fire shooting out of my microwave. Way to go!!

Yes, there’s not quite anything like seeing big flames shooting out of an outlet… that wasn’t in use… (other than the microwave being plugged in)…

My friend, who was on the phone still when I finally got back to it several minutes later… wasn’t sure if I had seen a fire on a tv program or what? He never thought it was in real life… until I was missing for a bit from the phone. :teehee: