My yarn stash! LOL Picture

Here are my sweet girls in the midst of our yarn when we dumped it all out to count and sort. I love yarn and used to just go buy my favorite colors. I just kept collecting it and collecting it. :lol: Now that we know how to knit, we plan on making good use of it! :mrgreen:

:lol: You started collecting yarn before knitting? At least you found a way to make use of it!! :wink:

Mom! Help! I’m being swallowed by yarn! :rofling:

Cute picture! So whare are the plans for your stash now that you have them?

I’m glad to see others who are Night Owls like I am. :lol:

Well, we have around 200 skeins of yarn. Most of it is Wal-Mart stuff, but, hey, it knits, right? :mrgreen: I do plan on buying some of this really cool yarn I saw at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago. I can’t remember what it was made of - felt like suede. I love autumn colors - so those are the only colors I buy.

What will we make? Hmmmmm… Good question. We are in the practicing stage right now. I have all kinds of ideas, though. My 10 year old (Emma) is just taking off with this! She is doing better than both Beka and I! :lol: I will probably start off wtih the typical “first” things like scarves. I just ordered that DVD Miss Amy sells here with high hopes to learn how to make wonderful things. :smiley:

I saw in your prevous post that you homeschool, I bet you could come up with some great lessons involving knittng to combine with projects for charities, for either humans or animals, such as

or Jan in CA had recently posted about

or else lapghans for nursing home residents (much less daunting than a full sized afghan)

or knitting for premies and other babies like in this thread

With three knitters in the family, I bet you’ll have that stash used up in no time at all!

I work at a nursing home (cook and caregiver) and I love the fact that in every single one of the 51 rooms there is at least one homemade afghan. Some of these ladies even have yarn stashes in their closets. And if you plan on donating some of your work I can assure you, they will LOVE it.

It’s such a cool thing that your girls are learning at this age. It is something that they will cherish when they’re older :heart:

I know girls that work with me who watch me crochet and often say that their mothers and grandmothers did it and they wish they’d had the chance to teach them when they were little.

Wow!!! :slight_smile:

You are lucky. If I had that many yarns, my hubby will nag me too death, literally.

:smiley: I love that picture!!! LOL, boy, u r in trouble if you had that much of a stash before you began knitting :wink:

I think that pic would be enough to send my dh into a coronary!!! :roflhard: His jaw gets a little tight as it is when he sees that I have 2 or 3 balls that I’m not in the process of knitting with - that’s why I’m NOT a monogamous (sp) knitter. lol By having 5 projects going at once, I get to have more yarn in my basket!

I think it’s a wonderful project for you & your girls to learn to knit together. I bet you’ll have tons of giggles!!!

:smiley: I’m so very, very lucky, my sweet hubby doesn’t mind one bit that I have (and continue to accumulate) large quantities of yarn, as a matter of fact, he’s often getting yarn for me :inlove:

:lol: You Ladies are funny. My husband doesn’t mind that I have the yarn at all. He has been known to say to me that “You can never have too much_____.”. And he has insterted these words: books, fabric and yarn! :mrgreen:

You see, my husband’s Mother was an avid crafter. By avid I mean she crocheted and sewed and made other craft items in large quanities and sold these things at craft fairs where she made a LOT of money. My husband, although he has six sisters :shock: , was the baby of the bunch and born several years after the youngest sister. My husband was the one to take his Mother craft supply shopping since she was somewhat handicapped and had a hard time getting around. So - she laid down the foundation for him being used to being with someone while they shopped for fabric/yarn/you name it. :cheering:

I like the idea of making things to donate. :slight_smile: However, for a while at least we are going to makes some things we have been longing for ourselves. After some time goes by and we get much better, I think I will call up the local (we live in a town of 30,000, so there is only one.) home for the elderly and see if they need any afgans. :thumbsup:

Forgive me, please, if I have given the impression that we are well off. We are far from that - living in a small rented home. My suggestion to you is to go to your local Good Will. My local Good Will always has yarn and it is not at all expensive.

The reason I have so much yarn is that I bought a few skeins here and there over many years, btw. :slight_smile: A few dollars here and there.


Robin, Guidepost Magazine also has a charity called Knit for Kids, where you knit sweaters for children and send them to Guidepost, and they distribute them to different agencies (world changers, feed the children, christian childrens fund, etc). That’s the charity that I knit for. I think your daughters would like that also. Their website is

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Robin - Damn girl! You’re a lucky one!. Every time my boyfriend sees the increases to my yarn stash, he just gets this funny “ohmygod” look :shock:
Then again, he splurged on a large plasma tv and an xbox.
I just figure boys and girls, no matter what age they are like having their toys around…his are electronic gadgets, mine is everything to do with thread :XX:

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:shock: Wow, that’s some yarn!! I think it’s really cool t.hat you started buying yarn before you learned to knit. i wish I’d thought of that! :lol:

How cool that your DH has got the “craft gene”. I think if you grew up with it you have a whole different perspective.

The pic of your yarn and kids is too cute!

Your stash looks great!! :happydance: :happydance:

My dh does not mind that I buy yarn either. For years when I was busy making quilts I bought lots of fabric and quilt books. :smiley:

Now for the past year or so I’ve been actively knitting and buy a lot of knitting books and I am working on building a yarn stash. :XX: I guess he knows by now that after being happily married for 29 years, I’ll be spending the money on something!! lol :roflhard: