My WOTA ran in the wash!

Boo Hoo :crying:

Spent a while knitting a third rick rack purse as a Christmas Gift for my SIL out of Cloud (cream) and Hollyberry (dark red) - it looked beautiful and I even bought the lining fabric and a lovely green ribbon which looked so lovely against the cream and contrasted well with the red handles.

Then I felted it…

It came out patchy pink!!! :doh:

I’m really disappointed - others who didn’t see the original pre-felted bag have said it looks nice but my ribbon doesn’t match now and my SIL is definitely not a pink bag person!

Has anyone else had this problem when felting with two different colours?

Maybe I should not have washed it at 90 degrees - although I did do a practice first with a small twist of the two colours together and it was fine - maybe washing it at a lower temperature first would have been better?

What do you think?? Anyone?

I’m sorry to see that happen!
I just felted a kitty pi bed last night and the colors ran a bit from one stripe to another, but not so much as it did with you…but then, my colors were about the same hue and don’t contrast as much as yours. But, when I looked at the water that the bed came out of, I was surprised that there was still color left on the bed because the washer water had so much dye in it!!!
I am by no means a felting pro, so I can’t answer you question…I’m just very sorry it happened :frowning:

One of the spot cleaning companies, maybe Spray and Wash?, makes these little fabric things that look like fabric softener sheets. Their purpose is to be thrown into the washing machine to “pick up” any running colors rather than ruining your clothes. I use them ALL the time so you’d think I’d know the name of them. lol But I just see the box & grab it from the spot treatment section in the commissary. You could try using those next time you felt two such contrasting colors.

I’ve had it happen with WOTA, but not so much that it ruined a project! My colors were darker though. I’m so sorry it happened to you after all that work!

I wonder if other yarns are more colorfast… :thinking:

Wow! I used the WOTA quite a bit when it first came out, for felting pojects and I never had anything run. That is so disappointing. :frowning:

From the sound of it, this may have been a “bad” batch of yarn. It happens. Denise had a bad batch of the stuff they use for cords a few winters ago. I’d call KnitPicks and ask if it was you or if maybe the batch you got was a bad batch of yarn - And then ask them for some advice because you definitely don’t want this to happen again!

Thanks guys for the sympathy and hints.

I do know those colour grab cloths that you mean - I’ll look out for some and try one next time. Good idea!

I wonder if the color grab thingy would work on THIS project if you threw it through one more wash cycle? It may be worth a try… what have you got to lose? :frowning:

What Kelly said. You also might want to try using a spot stain remover and scrubbing it by hand, or one of those nifty bleach pens.

If you want to try the bag again, perhaps you should just knit it in strips and felt it separately, then seam it? not the best solution, I know, but at least it will keep its colors.

I’m sorry this happened to you. I only just started felting so i can’t imagine.

That is so awful! There have been so many people from the forum that have successfully used WOTA for felting that I have to believe it was a bad batch. I would definitely contact knitpicks and see what they have to say. It might help if you have one of the skein wrappers left with the dye lot on it so they can keep it from affecting other people.

I don’t know if it has to do with water temp…I’ve done lots of felting and never had any bleeding. I just put my wash cycle on hot…however, I think our hot water heater is set to be a little hotter than average.

That’s a real bummer. :crying:

I wouldn’t have thought of it, but now that you mention it, i have noticed color in the water after felting WOTA. i did a very blue bag and the water was a mild blue color.

Rit Dye makes a product that is made to fade the bled color out of whites, however it can lighten other colors. (You may be able to use it as a spot treatment perhaps.) It is called Color Remover and you can see it here: - near the bottom of the page.