My Wife Wants to Learn How to Crochet

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Okay, I’m a [I]visual learner[/I]. I can look at something and figure out how to do it or how it was made. :thumbsup: Doesn’t matter if it is knit, crochet, or a car’s engine; I can just look and figure it all out.

My DW has asked me to teach her how to crochet. She says she has a [I]tactile learning[/I] style. (Yes, she is a teacher; so that term is the language or jargon of her profession). Okay, tactile means touching or manipulation with your hands. Hey this should be an easy lesson, right? :cool:

WRONG! :doh:

I carefully show her how to hold the hook, yarn, and tie a slip knot to begin.

Frustration ensues! :shrug:

I have several books that give instructions for learning to crochet, but they all use pictures and that doesn’t help her. :think:

Any suggestions? Crossed Fingers

Meanwhile, if I want to :x: or crochet I have to hide. Otherwise she is there :nails:


i have found it is easier to have someone else teach me than my spouse. He’s tried teaching me to drive a stick shift. YEAH bad idea. Oh I get the concept and how it all works I just can not do it with him in the car. I get nervous and freak out.

If you click on the link in my signature it will take you to my forum where I teach online LIVE classes. If your wife really wants to learn I can set aside a block of time, during the week or even the weekend, and show her via the web cam and walk her through it slowly. She just may need to have someone else teach her.

There are some excellent links to teach you the basics stitches or you can buy a video that teaches you how to crochet. Some people want to learn with a friend or loved one. I suggest a video that can teach her and when she needs help be there working on your knitting. Doing something together is great and I was going to make quilts with my husband before he passed away. Be there to support and help your wife when she needs it and then maybe choose a project both of you can do.:aww:

Or maybe you should have a crochet intervention. Tell her that the First Step is admitting that knitting is better.

:rofl: :rofl:

Frankly, I do “both”, but I love the “end results” with Knitting…anyway try this site and she can learn tunisian too…it makes crocheting less boring

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: You are so funny! And so right!

Here is where I learned, now I can only do borders, but thisis where I learned…

Most of all be patience…

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Christine (KnittinMitchie), so you think I may have an, erm, overwhelming “effect” on my wife? :aww: Could be. Any my DW hasn’t been able to teach me how to drive a stick shift yet either. :shrug:

Ingrid, “crochet intervention.” :doh: I think you’re just being bad. :roll:

…but I did :roflhard: when I read your post.

Others, I thank your for the links.


Jack you very well could be and I feel for you cause that stick shift coordination is tricky to get.

Have you tried making your lesson a bit…um…romantic? Try sitting together in a spooning fashion, you know, with you behind her with your arms around her. Hold her hands with the yarn and hook and actually move them to make the stitches. A little nice music, a good light source somewhat brighter than a candle, some yarn and a crochet hook, wrapped up with someone you love…sounds like the perfect evening to me!

Kind of like holding a child’s hand when they are learning to write, only grown up!

Just a suggestion.


hehehehe, Ingrid, you are awsome!! thankyou for making me smile! :slight_smile:
hey off jumps jack… if you go to there are videos that people make. you can watch one about just about anything including crochet… or there is also this link that some one shared with me… :wink:

I guess if that didn’t work they’d at least have something else to do. :shifty: :teehee:

go to Joann’s and get her the learn to crochet dvd or computer disk (the comp one is about 7 bucks)

Not to sound like an ad for my own website, but I also have video tutorials for knitting and crocheting, geared to the very beginner. My videos show the work from my perspective, so she would see what she is doing from the same perspective. Don’t ask how I do that…it’s not a pretty picture!

Here is the link to my video listing in case Jack’s Darling Wife, or anyone else, would like to take a look.


Nice video’s! I just have one question: Is there a reason that I get 5 or 6 words and the video freezes? I find that this happens on Utube but not on this site.

Try clicking play to tell it to load the video then hit pause and let it load all the way then try watching it. I have to do this sometimes.