My wheel makes this horrid squealing sound when I spin

Hi all. So I bought what I THOUGHT was a new Kromski Symphony wheel on Amazon. It turned out to be AT LEAST 20 years old. (It came with a frikkin vhs tape for goodness sakes!!!) So I did my very best to clean it and it spins just fine, but it makes this HORRIBLE squealing screeching sound. I believe it’s due to the leather bearings being SUPER dried out. If I oil the crap out of the bearings while using it it usually stops for a few hours.

Is there a way to restore the bearings to like new condition?? They’re still intact, no cracks, peeling, etc., but the screeching noise sounds like subway brakes.

I soaked them in a cup of oil when I first got it but it had no effect.

Any recommendations???

I don’t spin so take what I say and use it as you may… my husband (who works with wood, clay, paints…a jack of all trades kind of guy) says he’d use silicone. If nothing else is working that may be worth a try.

That said… I just checked and there is a group on Ravelry (it’s free to join and worth it for patterns, etc) that is for users of Kromski wheels! I bet they’d know or could direct you there.

Call or email Kromski North America and ask what you can do.


Just keep oiling them

Thanks for the replies!! I’ll do both of those things.