My Triumph in Fair Isle

I just made up a pattern and made a little sample tube of Fair Isle, just to see if I could do it. I can’t believe it, but I CAN! I used both hands and two different colors and I can do it! And the inside looks all nice, because it’s stranded. So thanks to Jan in CA for the advice, and thanks to everyone on this amazing forum. Why? Because I can do Fair Isle.
Check it out:

It looks great!

:cheering:Yay! :cheering: Looks great! :thumbsup:

Great job!:cheering:

Very good job!

That’s great! :cheering:

It looks awesome! :cheering:

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]BTW…I edited your post and attached the photo…I HATE clicking outside links.:shifty:[/COLOR][/SIZE] :shrug:

Congratulations to you ! I have been toying with the idea of trying it myself but never thought of a trial patch first , so now you have given me inspiration - here I go, thanks !

It looks funny :?? I think you knitted it upside down :?? ? :teehee: Good work it’s like magic isn’t it!!! If you are looking for a project can I suggest Eunny’s Endpaper mitts free, or Anemoi mittens totally worth the cost of the gorgeous pattern… or design your own… I can’t even see unevenness at the DPN joins great work!


Maybe it’s turned upside-down in the picture? I sincerely hope I don’t knit upside-down . . . don’t even want to have to think about how hard it would be to completely change the way I knit!!! lol Yikes! And I didn’t use DPNs, I used Magic Loop. I’ve never really used DPNs, but I’ve worked hard to get my Magic Loop knitting even and not have that little ladder of loose stitches :smiley:

Way to go! I just did the same with a little hat I’m trying to do on straight needles. I made up the pattern (no big deal, it’s a zigzag), and I can’t believe it actually worked! :shock:

Ooh, it’s beautiful! So exciting!

You didn’t knit it upside down. Since the pattern can go either way you just took the picture upside down. The stitches gave it away. :teehee: