My Sterling silver yarn is here! - I CAST ON! Pg5

WOW… just WOWOWOWOWOW! It’s sooo silky soft! And sparkly! Just breathtaking. The prettiest yarn I’ve ever had…:woohoo:

CLICK the pix for full size!

So… now for the pressure of designing the perfect sock pattern to do it justice… :think:

ETA: I have to admit, I’m not sold on writing a sock pattern. I almost couldn’t bear to put this yarn on my feet, let alone into shoes… How about a scarf/wrap??

It looks so pretty, I can’t wait to see pics of it knitted up!!

if you make some fingerless gloves, you can wear them while you’re knitting (if you’re not too busy ogling them :wink:) and have that wonderful sterling softness at your fingertips!

I vote for a slouchy hat (that you send to me). I am very jealous of your yarn!


Not to hijack this topic, but speaking of socks, they did socks on Knitty Gritty this week (maybe a rerun, I only got the channel last week). I was shocked that you weren’t the guest, Silver! Please tell me they at least invited you to do it?

The woman they had was good, I’m not knocking her. I’m just saying that for as many people you have taught socks, they should have at least mentioned your tutorial.

And returning to the silver yarn, how cool!

:heart::inlove::heart:I love that yarn… You have a better picture of it here then I have seen of it on the web…:drool:

I vote on a wrap or something like that… At least people will see it then. Sock…NO way…

:pout: I want some! I love silver. A wrap/shrug/shawl would be pretty if you have enough yardage.


ok ok ok …no socks… a very pretty …
hmmm… stole/wrap or maybe a scarf…
beautiful photos, much better than any other i have seen!

Ooooh! I like the idea of fingerless gloves:-) very yummy!

:drool: That is SOOOOOOOOOO purdy!

And yeah…on the Knitty Gritty, I DVRd it, and I was watching with dd, and I was telling that woman…“Ha ha. Silver is better!” :roflhard:

I say rainy day scarf. that way those little silver bits poking out won’t be a bother against your skin, and everyone can see it!

I’m holding out for the gold.

I’m holding out for the gold.

You made me laugh so hard I snorted, DH said “what” I said you wouldn’t get it"

Oh man! I was so looking forward to the most awesome sock pattern ever, but I agree, it would probably be better in a wrap.

First…thanks for showing a pic of the yarn. Bad enough you TOLD us about it…now I have to add this to my I really NEED this list:doh: :teehee:

Second…I vote for a shawl or writlets… perhaps some of those nifty ruffly type peek-out-of-the-end-of-your-sleave type off cuffs. Or…how about a combo scarf/hood loose cowl type of thing. With your beautiful hair and pretty face it would frame it like a halo doncha think???:thumbsup:

oh binky that would be very pretty!

I’m thinking [B]bikini[/B] … I live in Florida too … and … chances of being able to wear any kind of wrap or gloves are next to none! The yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

a pretty tank top!

I like BinkyKat’s idea, a really beautiful hooded cowl/scarf. Very elegant, very mysterious, very Dr. Zhivago. Then of course, you’d need a new winter coat to compliment that beautiful knitted creation and new winter boots…

Beautiful yarn!!!

I think that since you’re so good at making socks, you should make GLOVES with this yarn. Same kind of dpn work, just smaller.

Opera Gloves

There’s a nice pattern you can buy, called the “Essence Glove” here: