My Son Cracks Me Up!

So tonight I was experimenting with my own pattern. The object I was attempting I won’t mention :teehee: but it would be a “gag gift” type thing. Anyway, I was knitting it in the round on DPNs and I hadn’t gotten very far so all I had was a bright pink tube of yarn. I set it down on the table so I could start making lunch for my son and he walks into the dining room, sees my bright pink tube and says, “Wow! That’s cool, mama!” So I told him thank you and he continued to admire the piece…lol…When I was done cooking, I got his food on the table and then I sat down to resume my work. Then he says to me, “you’re holding the coolness, mama!” :rofl: I think now, whenever I’m knitting, I’m going to refer to it as holding the coolness…hahaha

Well said!:slight_smile:

That is too cute! How old is he?

He’s only 4 :teehee: Oh the things that boy says just kills me!

Since you didn’t mention what it was… is the pink on purpose?

oh tahts soo cute. there great at that age. ds is 5 and comes out with some great lines too. :cheering:

its great how they love the fact we knit for them and knit in general

Indeed :teehee:


Think I will go pick up my coolness…

Four year olds say the funniest things! I teach preschool and hear tons of lines. The newest one that tickles me is “poinky”
“Ouch, that thing poinked me!” Or, “Porcupines are poinky, aren’t they?” :teehee:

:teehee: That is too cute! Yeah, there are some things my daughter says incorrectly but I don’t want to correct her because it’s so cute! Like the snack, Funyuns, she calls fun onions and a stapler she calls a stampler…hahaha

That is just too cute. I absolutely love the things kids say. Me daughter used to call her favorite fruit “wallermelon”. My husband and I never once tried to correct her because we loved hearing it. She doesn’t say it anymore and we miss it, but luckily DH managed to get it recorded.

What a cute story. Ah 4 is a cute age, my son couldn’t say sausage when he was that age. it came out shushish. We still say that to him to this day “you want some shushush dear?” He just rolls his eyes at us. I can’t help it. its so cute.

What a cute story! 4 is such a fun age! I was just at a party and the niece of the couple throwing the party was there . I think she told every single person who walked in the door that she was 4. She was soo darn cute!! She got away with murder tonight! I think I saw her eat at least 3 pieces of cake. She would only eat the icing put down the plate and go con another adult to get her another piece. :teehee:

I love hearing the things kids say! :teehee:

My first son (he’s now 13) learned to talk well very early (and he hasn’t slowed down, lol!). When he was 2 or three, he learned about the “Heimlich Remover” as he called it~he stills gets teased about that one`it was such a perfect mistake, though, as it does “remove” something, hee-hee!

And when we went to see his little sister in the hospital, he asked if we were going to go through the Revolting doors (he meant revolving doors~it was so hard not to pee my pants laughing!~he was 8 yrs old at the time); we were lucky enough to capture that one on tape. :mrgreen:

Yesterday my DD (just turned 5) was copying Daddy-I had helped him stretch his sore legs, and he groaned and moaned quite a bit :teehee:. Later she crawled up on the bed and asked me to rub her legs, and as I “stretched” her legs for her she put on quite an act, moaning and groaning and making faces~ :chair: Poor Daddy~no respect!(lol-JK-he gets lots of that! :p)

My 4yo calls M&Ms “Yums & Yums”. My 9yo just recently stopped calling skunks “stunks”. Both very appropriate I think :teehee: .

What great stories. I alsmost peed at the revolting doors. LOL

My kids come up with a few as well. My 4 “and a haff” yr old DD just freaked me out and I had to call DH at work to tell him. No joke and I swear to all that is holy she came up with this without any possible influence… She is ready for bed and running around in just her pull up and she got into the craft drawer and found 2 gold star stickers. She promptly placed one upon each side of her chest (ie tastey pasties) and said with a little crook of her hips “look Mommy I am a STAR” I remained calm and said that was rather silly so she moved one to her forehead and one to her heart and was just as happy that way. Jeez and I don’t even let my kids watch Hannah Montana and she comes up with this stuff just naturally. Think what she’d be doing if she had some bad examples.
When my middls DS was about 4 I made the mistake of trying to get through Good Friday Mass with all 3 kids and no DH so it was a nightmare and during part as I was lecturing him to be quiet and whispering in his ear about how people are being quiet now because they are sad that Jesus dies and he said at the top of his lungs “well I’m not sad that Jesus died” :aww:

My oldest showed me how we don’t realize how wrong kids can beuntil they start spelling things. He wrote “drive” “jrive” and when I corrected him he was so surprised he has thought his whole life we were jriving our car. LOL


one of my kids had to have surgery on her bladder when she was almost 5yo
at the follow up visit to the Surgeon she had to fully disrobe and put on a hospital johny
when the Surgeon came in the room she gleefully yanked up her johny over her face and yelled "I have a Smiley Face"
and indeed she did

it was the funniest thing I ever heard (that I can think of right now anyway)


LOL, too cute!