My so called scarf, problem

hi all :slight_smile:
anyone do the : my so called scaf pattern?
i am ok with it EXCEPT when i make a mistake i have had the darndest time re-doing it, my sts are not on rite & i get holes where b4 it was all a dense fabric…so i have frogged it many times, a few times i have knitted 12 or more inches on it
any help is appreciated

I’ve made a few of these. I agree that if you make a mistake and miss it for a while, it is hard to correct. One thing I made a point to look for as I did each row is to make sure the knit side had a single stitch at each end and groups of two all the way across. The purl side has groups of two all the way across.

When you do the knit after the slipped stitch on the front, make sure you’re knitting into the first of the group of two. When you work on the back, make sure that your needle is going between the two grouped stitches for the first part–the p2tog.

This helped me catch any mistakes right away. Hope it helps.

thanx for your help, tho this is not quite my problem, i see the mistake , rip it out & cant seem to get the proper way the sts are to go
i know on the knit side, i knit the first st, then slip,knit & psso while knitting in it
& on the purl side u purl 2 sts & purl into it again
im sorry if im not clear enuf ,i really like the look of this patt & hope to be able to fix it when i mess up

I guess my point was to really pay attention that you’re going into the right stitch each time. If I’ve found that I miss a stitch or mess up as I do it, I can pull the yarn for that stitch, put the two back on the needle and redo them.

On the first one I made, I found that sometimes I was off by a stitch and had only a single one rather than two. I just did a m1 stitch where I was missing one to get myself on track again. It didn’t seem to leave a noticeable hole.

i think i am not putting the sts back EXACTLY as it needs to be to have the continued tight look of the patt when done properly…
i bet i would need to see it done & that is unlikey , argh
see the rest of the scarf looks nice & tight but the row where i redid it
thanx so much[/b]

It could be that when you put the stitches back on the needle they’re twisted, which would make that part tight. When you put your needle into them, if they feel ‘off’ then try switching them around on the needle. You’ll know when they feel right.

Try using a lifeline.

That’s what I was thinking. I know that when I “unknit” I always end up with some stitches twisted. I just put them on my right needle tip, turn them the correct way, back on the left needle and continue on…Common problem for me but easily correctable.

are you familiar with this particular pattern? for me at least when i mess up doing this i cant seem to get the sts on right…its not a simple knit or purl st its a combo ( sl 1,k 1,psso BUT while doing it knit in one of the sts-on the right side) & on the (ws) purl 2 sts tog, dont take them off & purl in the one st) its a nice tight almost herringbone…check it out online there are pics of it, my so called scarf
thanx for all help, to all that replied

I have made a few of them, and it is hard to correct a mistake, which is why I try to make sure that I’m always putting my needle in the right place. If there is no ‘right place’ then I know where the mistake is and hopefully can deal with it right away. :shrug:

When I’ve messed up, I find it on the next row after (usually I forget to do the yo) and it’s easy to back track that one row.