My Shiny Disco Ball Hat

I had this idea for a knit hat with pailettes (aka big sequins) so I searched high and low to find some. I finally found the silver ones I wanted at Michael’s and then I ended up having to punch holes in them because they only came with a pin sized hole.

Then I knit and designed the hat which now seems to evoke either a deep love or a deep hate of the finished hat. Take a peek for yourself and please tell me what you think of it. I am one of the ones that likes it so I will be wearing it out in public :blush:

Look in the 2005 knitting album, it’s the last 3 pictures

:roflhard: Dee, I just saw it @ KR!! My question is…where are you going to wear it? Is there a disco evening? I think it’s cool :wink:

Oh so fun!! My dd just saw it and said, “Make me a bag like that.” Sure, I’ll put it on my ever growing list of things to make :wink:

OMG! I’m having flashbacks to my youth! I remember when those were all the rage. I wanted one so badly, but my mother said she couldn’t afford it. I just think she didn’t want me to have it!

absolutely love it! :thumbsup:

:happydance: that hat is soo cool great job :thumbsup:

That is soooo cute! I love it! Great job :thumbsup:

Thank you one and all, I will be sporting my new chapeau all over town. So if you see a flash of light pass by you it just might be me! :lol: