My second baby sweater and nice booties

Hi there i really want to sahre with you my Fo, i m really happy because i still calling myself a beginner.Hope you enjoy.

Baeutiful sweater and booties! Great job and nice bright colors too.!

Oh, those are so sweet! I love the sweater – did you knit it in the round? Beautiful work.

Thank you Ladies:cool:

Thank you , i did knit normal way i mean flat.

They are both really cute!

Both came out adorable. I love the booties.:woot:

Both are so sweet! Great job! :cheering:

Ooo, lovely! What patterns did you use?

great work. i’d love to know what pattern you used for the sweater.

Great work - I’d love to find out your sweater pattern, as well. Super cute:happydance:

Wonderful job on them!

Thank you :cheering:.
For the sweater pattern it s from the peter pan books"Millenium babies"

So…very…Cute! :heart:

Both adorable

Very cute!!


They’re so cute! I definitely would [I]not[/I] call you a beginner, though! Those are fantastic! I’ve been knitting on and off for two or more years, and I’m still only doing scarves and baby blankets and stuff. Haha. :woot:

I would definitely love to hear how you made those booties. My sister is having a son in September, and she asked me to make some. :happydance:

Both the sweater and the booties look great.

:blush:Thank you y all.

Those are so cute. I love that kind of little bootie for girls. It is hard to tell for sure about the color of the sweater from the picture, but it could be white (or is it yellow?) with something going on, kind of a “print” type yarn. Could you describe the color in words? Just wondering.