My scarf keeps on getting wider

I’ve been knitting for a couple of days and I am making great progress. It isn’t that noticable, but my scarf keeps on getting wider. I’ve looked up why, but to tell the truth I didn’t understand a word. I am not that great at what certain stitches are called and such, so if anybody could use “plain talk” that would help me so much! Or pictures of what stitch you’re talking about. I am a beginner:aww:, sorry! :slight_smile:

You might find some help here: Just watching someone else work can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

What stitch(es) are you using? Are you knitting every row for garter stitch, or are you alternating knit and purl rows for stockinette? Oftentimes extra stitches appear because the yarn goes over the needle between two stitches or at the end of the row instead of under the needle. If you’re changing between knit and purl within a row, you might be moving the yarn from front to back or back to front so that you create a yarn over. The yarn lying over the needle gets knitted or purled as if it were a normal stitch when you work the next row.

It sounds like you’re really making good progress in your knitting adventure. Stick with it and you’ll get the hang of it.

You can always count the sts on the needle and see for sure if your scarf is growing. Many times, especially in the beginning this is because you are knitting two sts at the beginning of the row instead of one st. When you turn the work (that is when you switch the needle with all the sts from your right hand to your left hand) be sure to pull the working strand of yarn down and to the back. You’ll see that there is one st there on the end of the needle. If you pull the strand of yarn up over the needle and towards the back, it looks like two sts. If you knit those as two sts, your scarf will keep increasing in width.

I hear you hunny! The knitting lingo is all new to me too!
When you first cast on (this means the number of loopy things you put on your needle before even knitting) how many did you have? It is very important to count how many you put on in the first place because this is how you will know if you accidently lost or gained a stitch. It’s super easy to lose and gain stitches when you are knitting. I have gotten into the habit of counting my stitches (which in the knitting world they refer to as sts) after knitting every few rows to make sure I have the same amount I started out with.

If you accidently added stitches then that is exactly why your scarf is getting wider.

I hope that helps!

It’s very common to accidentally add stitches when you’re a new knitter. It often happens when you are incorrectly doing knit and or purl stitches. If you forgot to move the yarn working yarn back to the correct position you can create an accidental Yarn Over.

When you knit the working yarn is in the back of the work, when you purl it’s in the front. Always move the yarn back and forth [I]between[/I] the needles not over the top of them. If you go up to the video tab you can watch the videos for knitting and purling for a refresher.