My scarf keeps getting wider, please help!

I just started knitting yesterday, and i have no idea how it’s getting so wide, what am I doing wrong


What scarf pattern are you following (garter stitch, etc.)? Do you know if you’re doing any increases or not?

I am asking that last question because doing increases will increase the size of a knitting project that is being worked on.

You might be adding stitches accidentally!! When u start a row make sure the yarn is hanging down and not wrapped around the needle, which adds another stitch. After u rip this out (take a deep breath, it gets easier) be sure to count your stitches at the end of every row. That way you will catch this problem and only have 1 row to fix and not the whole thing!!!


This is very common!!! It happens to almost everyone at the beginning.
I was teaching myself to crochet and even though I have knit for years it happened to me. And almost every child I ever knit with ( and I used to do this with a classroom full full)

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You’re not alone with this problem. Here are a few more suggestions: