My scarf becomes misshapen as I knit

I purchased some Milford polyester gold 3 ply yarn to knit a scarf . The pattern is knit one row, then next row slip 1 stitch, knit 2 yarn over knit 2 together until last 2 stitches, then knit 2. It looks great until I have done about 10 rows and then it starts to be shapeless. What needles should I use, using 4 and how can I stop this. Should I do the selvage or do a different pattern. A lady on a cruise I went on did it and it looked so nice.

Can you put a photo up so we can see what you are doing? Are you definitely increasing and decreasing properly - could you be accidentally adding stitches?

Please post the pattern name and a link if it’s not in a book. A photo would be helpful, too.

Thanks for replying, unfortunately I got so disheartened I took it apart. I got this pattern from a lady on a cruise and it looked beautiful in the gold. I wonder if her wool was a bigger yarn as she got it in Turkey. Should I try another stitch. Thanks for the help

Are you a new knitter? Is it possible you were adding extra stitches by accident? That’s common to new knitters. If you’re new it could also be you just need practices to even out your tension. And using a different weight yarn will also affect tension. If it was loose it may be you need to use as smaller needle.


If it’s not too bad and you’re certain that you’re doing your increases and decreases right, then you could always block it at the end. (Although many people say blocking polyester yarn doesn’t work and I haven’t tried it personally.) If you want to try knitting it again, you can always count to see if you’re adding stitches. Or perhaps your tension is changing?

This looks like a great site, I have just joined it and appreciate all the help I am getting. I think I will do as suggested and use smaller knitting needles. I would like to keep this pattern of yarn over needle knit two together as it looks nice and will count my stitches very carefully. If it happens again I will photo it and show it to you all. Thanks again

Are you doing a border? Maybe that will help. I have made several wisps that have a YO, k2tog with garter stitch borders. What yarn are you using and what needle size? This was knit with fingering weight and a US 8 needle. It’s supposed to be light and airy.

That pattern looks absolutely gorgeous, I am using Milford metallic polyester. They say use 3mm needles. I think my first problem is the lady used bigger needles on her scarf and perhaps I should not have done that. Do you think I could knit this pattern you have with 3mm needles and this yarn. I would love to do that scarf and as you say perhaps a garter border would fix the problem. Really appreciate your assistance

Wow, that is thin yarn! And now I see why you were having trouble. It appears to really be thread more than yarn. I think you probably could make this with that fiber and needles, but you will most likely have to alter the pattern a bit by adding more stitches. It’s a multiple of 2. I have 54 cast on for this one, but I used fingering weight and a US 8 needle (5mm). It’s supposed to be lacy so you use a bigger needle. But give it a try and see how it works. Here’s the link to Rav. It has a link to the actual pattern. I didn’t do the eyelets on the edge just garter. You can look at the projects to see how they all look.

That sure is a lovely pattern and have looked it up and will do it. Just one question, I am in Australia so its okay to use 5mm needles. That will not be too large for the yarn. Thanks again so much for your help.

Since your yarn is much thinner than mine was you may need a smaller needle. Keep in mind though that it’s supposed to be lacy. Try an inch or so and see how you like it. If it’s just way too loose then go down a few sizes.

Thanks again, I will do that and see how it goes. Really appreciate all your help, hope Santa is very kind to you.

Thank you, you, too!