My pretty new necklace type thing

Hey guys, got bored in the pub so made this with the stuff I had in my bag - kind of made it up as I went along. I liked the thought of it as a blossom chain, and love Rowan’s Damask colours. It’s very soft and yummy… I’m really proud of it and got tons of compliments when I wore it out today grin Yay for ego-boosts :slight_smile:

Here’s it wrapped around neck :

Here’s the length of it :

And here’s the bead bits at the end - sorry for the overshine!

Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

how charming!! it looks so soft and sweet- and you did it on the fly? impressive!

Very pretty! Love the colors.

It’s really pretty. :yay:


very cute and beautiful,you should make a pattern for it,i bet it will sell good…thank you for the picture!

how clever is that!! It looks really great and I’d never suspect that it was a made up pattern. I’d actually wear something like that. Too cute!! :yay:

That’s beautiful!

Very cute and hip!

Oh this is so pretty!! :flirt:

That’s pretty!!!

Very nice! Looks great:)

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments grin I’ve been away for a while but back now - think I’m going to write up the pattern for it and play about a bit with it :slight_smile: (you guys can all have a free copy ;-))

Fi xxx

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Pattern, pattern…

My 3 girls will absolutely love to have one of these. What a great design! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for the pattern!

Yes please! I’m so glad I saw this, because when I saw this post earlier, I thought I wanted something floral using the colours of the second pic and then I saw your post and thought “that’s it!”

It’s really lovely, and I can think of several uses for it. Great job. :yay: