My pink puppy

The hubby tweaked his back so his home from work for a few days. I asked him to make sure to at least get up and let the dogs out to run around and play since the weather has been so nice. We live on VA red clay and my hubby sent me this picture at work - apparently she dug a hole in the front yard. Notice the red paws and muzzle + wagging tail !! It’s even funnier in person b/c the camera bleached out some of the red - Her front legs and all the white on her head and muzzle are still PINK.

Awww Sweet baby!! (In any color)

Oh what a cutie of a puppy. Ya know all about the red clay. Live in Northern VA, my puppy is a dachshund low to the ground. When she digs mostly it is all over her head and belly the paws are a given :roflhard::roflhard:.
I love your puppy’s wagging tail, he looks like hi daddy, don’t I look cute.

:teehee: what a cutie!!

Awww - she is adorable! That face!!! What’s a little red mud??? :slight_smile:

Soo cute!! What kind of dog is she? She looks a lot like my brother’s puppy he got from th Charlottesville humane society.

Oh she looks like she enjoyed that! :rofl: What a mischievous and adorable little pup! :teehee:

Holly - Miss Daisy came from the Charlottesville SPCA this past May/June. I believe she was part of a litter that was adopted prior to her as she was taken home by a family and was brought back for being a “talker” and when she came back she was sick so went into foster care for a couple of months. Anyway - she is a “boxer mix” To me she is just a good ole fashioned shelter Hienz 57

Aww, too cute! She looks so proud!

I am almost sure she is a litter mate of my brother’s dog! Her story is the same as his. Is she still a big talker? I have never heard a dog so talky as Malden.