MY own Feather&Fan Club

I’m a late bloomer in the feather&fan department. Yes, I know this stitch has been in existence since the dinosaurs but I, well, I’m slow about these things. I only just discovered it and now I’m addicted. The picture below is of a free-range organic capelet that just sort of grew on my needles. Reminds me of a mushroom or something.

Great job!

Very nice!!

I love feather and fan - you did a great job - it looks great on you.

Looks great! You just designed that as you were knitting- very cool! :yay:

BTW:You look so much like my brother’s best friend you could be twins!


Are you Jane Thornley? All your stuff is so cool, such interesting use of different colors and textures, and I love the jacket.

Looks fantastic!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

Thanks, everyone. I’m a bit obsessive about knitting (anyone here not??) so I just keep knitting and experimenting until something looks okay. Most of the time I don’t really start out with a plan, only a vague idea and plenty of inspiration.


:yay:Way to go! the colors are just fantastic!

:passedout: I try to do this and end up in the biggest mess ever :teehee:…

Great job on them all and I love the colors…

Love the colors and it looks wonderful on you!! :cheering:

Wow! You have an amazing sense of color and texture! Keep up the great design work.

That’s cool!

Actually, everybody, that’s not me in the photo but Hannah Epstein, a friend and a daughter of a friend. She’s just so beautiful and makes anything she dons look good…

What a lovely job well done xx