My nose will NOT stop running

UGH!! I am getting so upset with my stupid nose. It it so darn raw it’s not even funny. And the kicker: I’m not sick! It’s running so much because it’s cold outside and inside. I keep the heat at 66 degrees in the house, gas is way too expensive and I can’t afford to have it any warmer than that. :pout:

Is there anything I can do? Am I just stuck with this runny nose until spring gets here? It’s not even winter for heavens sake. This is insane. I have never in my life been this bad. Sure my nose runs when we walk the dog at night but when I get home it usually stops, but now it just keeps running from the moment I wake up to the time I fall asleep.

I can’t take it anymore!!! :hair: HELP MEEee[SIZE=1]ee[/SIZE]!!! :help:

You may want to try putting Vaseline on your nose, that really helps me when my nose gets rubbed raw from blowing it too much. Another thing you may want to do is invest in a couple space heaters. That’s about all we’ve been using and they have been keeping the house between 70 and 75 degrees. On the really cold nights, I turn on the heat before we go to bed, to supplement the space heaters then turn the heat off first thing in the morning and open all the blinds to let the sun in to help heat the house as well. These past few days the space heaters have been keeping the house at about 77. We have 2 on our main floor and 1 upstairs. They are super safe and work really well.

Here’s a link for the kind I’m using:

HMM are you sure you’re not allergic to something now that the house is closed up for the winter? We keep our house at 66 all winter too. I know every winter when we close up I have to change the air filters and religiously change them every couple of months while the heat is running or my allergies get stirred up. I actually installed filters in the air intake grates rather than just relying on the one in the furnace.

If you want the house warmer are there any places you can block out a draft? I had an apt that had the draftiest windows ever so I bought the plastic that you shrink with a hair dryer and that made a HUGE difference in keeping my bedroom warmer. My parents noticed they were losing a lot of heat via their mud room that has 2 exterior doors and a window so they used an expandable curtain rod and hung a heavy curtain in the doorway to the main part of the house. It’s amazing the difference that made too.

Hope your nose feels better soon.

I find that it’s moving from cold to warm which gets my nose running. It might be something beyond the temperature which is bothering you.

In looking for a lotion for your sore nose, look for one without any alcohol or acids in them - a lot of the commercial lotions have them. Vaseline is one option. My sister has made her own beeswax and something lotion which is the best - she needed an alternative to vaseline because it is petroleum based. Here’s a recipe if you want to give it a try yourself:

I do have allergies, but I take Singulair for them. Year round. I’m sure being cooped up without any fresh air doesn’t help, but I’m cold all the time, and yes I do wear long underwear IN my house! So sad the amount of clothing I wear indoors to keep warm. And I’m usually under a blanket too. I hate winter.

I will try the space heaters, but our electric keeps going up too. 4% every 3 months. :!!!: And we do live in a house, but it’s technically an “Apartment” as they split it into a 2 family. It’s a very small 2 family. And it is insulated as minimally as they could get away with, bastards. Who renovates a home completely and then does it to the bare minimum just to pass inspection? I do realize what I’m asking is a stupid question, but landlords suck. On a very cold windy day you can feel the cold air come right through the windows so you know how much heat I’m throwing out the window too. Makes me sick. And we have done the plastic on the windows but the walls are insulated as minimally as possible too so when you touch them they are ice cold. Our heat bill didn’t go down by putting up that plastic and what a PITA that was.

Okay, I’m done complaining for now. :wink: Thanks for letting me vent. I’m off to put some vaseline on my poor raw nose.

I found this DIY video that may help?