My nipples aren't right

I am working on the boobie scarf from and am having problems understanding the nipples. Since I am typing this on a mac and am not familiar with all of the features of it yet (like copy/paste), I will just type the part I don’t get.

Nipples must be worked on RS. Work nipple on center st of row. Knit into front and back of center stitch. Turn. Work 2 sts. Turn. Work 2 sts. Turn. K2tog. Continue working boobie as above.

Am I supposed to end up on the WS when I K2tog? If not, then I’m stuck because that is what’s happening. Here is how I am working it:

RS - Knit into front and back of center st. Turn.
WS - Work 2 sts. Turn.
RS - Work 2 sts. Turn.
WS - K2tog

This causes me problems because it seems to me that I am now working in the wrong direction. I made the nipple in the middle of a row and am supposed to continue working that row after the nipple is completed. For example, I know I am supposed to have 5 stitches in a row, so I would work the nipple on the third stitch. Once that is finished, I thought I would end up at stitch number 4 so that I could finish that row.

I’m confused. Help me fix my nipples please.

stop saying nipples! :wink:

hee hee

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I’ve just got to go now and find this nipply scarf :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :roflhard:

me too! I see a peek a boob nursing tank in the archive section!
gotta see the pattern to follow along. I am not “qualified” yet to offer engineering advice, but hey, how else do we find cool patterns…?

gotta love a site where you can say nipples over and over! :roflhard: :roflhard: and yes, they can be hard to understand…hee hee

I find no boobie or nipply scarf on knitty…what’s up?! I’ve got to know…ya’ll know that!!

It’s gotta be that tank, Binky…we’ll find out tomorrow :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I hope

Curiosity is killing me! :??
Can’t see the word nipple and booby relating to a quirky knitting pattern that many times and not go crazy wondering where it is! :doh:
I did look at the archives and found a hillarious “wig” pattern “Hallowig” I think I might just try out! :thumbsup:


It’s in the breast cancer awareness mini-issue of Knitty… (pdf only)

Thanks! I was soooo close… didn’t click the suprise button!
Cool patterns! :happydance:

I :heart: :heart: and must have everything in the surprise…whay am I not getting my knitty…i signed up?!

OKay, to answer your question, are you supposed to turn after the k2tog?

Beld…I knew you’d make a GRAND re-entrance! :roflhard:

I would bet they left out a “turn” after that last k2tog. Try turning & finishing the row & let us know how your NIPPLES are doing after that.

Silly lady!

On a side note, further down the pages in that issue of knitty where the boobie scarf is, is a Heart scarf that I LOVE :heart: . Just printed it and will work on it this summer. YAY. I love new projects!!


Do you think you work it like a bobble…you could just wing it a bit until you get back to the correct side…as long as the nipple looks ok :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m off to give my nipples a try with the advice I got from here. Julie, thank you for posting the link. I couldn’t figure out how to do it on this Mac yet.

My “fix” for it had been to take out a “work 2 sts. turn” so that I only did it once and then finished on the RS with the K2tog. I’ll see what the alternative suggestion is to do here in a bit. My “fix” looks okay, so if the other way makes my nipples look too gawdy, then I’ll just do it my way.

Kelly, do you think I was meant to K2tog on the purl side? I thought that maybe I would put in an extra “work 2 sts, turn” and then that will put me on the knit side again to finish off with the K2tog.

I’m off to go meet a friend for some fantastic KIP action, so I’ll see what she has to say about it too. She has 10 years of knitting experience, whereas I don’t even have one year yet.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll keep everyone posted.

[size=2](Kelly - would you expect anything less of me?)[/size]

My conclusion on the nipple confusion…

I went to my lys lady and she said that the K2tog was supposed to be on the RS because it is meant to push that mini bobble forward. So her instructions were to turn after that and continue finishing the row. My next problem was that I had that middle stitch on my left needle, so I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to knit it again or slip it. I slipped it off and then finished the row.

After figuring all of that out, I went back to doing it my own way. The nipple was a little too perky, and in a deformed kind of way, for my liking. My revision has a nice subtle perkiness and looks much better. I don’t want people to think that I’m an extremist and knit “lumps” onto my breast cancer awareness boobie scarf. The idea was to encourage friendly conversation, not ram the point down their throats with overly explicit tactics.

Well what the darn! I have pdf, but still can’t get the page to open to see that booby scarf.

Im SO glad you got your nipples fixed, Beld…they were bothering and confusing EVERYBODY! :rollseyes:

I’ll be glad when this post is worn out. Everytime my dd walks in the room she tends to doubt that I’m on a knitting site!