My newest project. WOW

I did this in 5 hours. The only things I did not do to it is make a strap or a button yet. I am going to buy a button instead of making one. I tried to make a button but it was not pretty. I have this group on and we are sharing what we call Sisters4life. We exchange addresses and send friendly things to each other. Dawn

How sweet. You are a good friend.

All moms are welcome to come join me and my group. All you have to do it

log on to
Look me up under coff3893 and join my group called

“Keep the faith and be true to yourself”

Have fun ladies. Dawn

good job, what a sweet surprise for someone to receive.

Cute and pretty colors.

The colors are so cheerful looking! :slight_smile:

Cute little bag!

Aren’t online groups wonderful? Don’t know what I would have done over the years without the support of one of the sites I go to all the time and KH.

Yes they are. I have had a few moments when the groups were the only ones that new what I was feeling. you are welcome to come and join us. Dawn

5 hours? Way cool!! I bet you’ll be making more of these!! Great job!

very cute! whoever gets it will be happy!

Very nice work! And I love blue, yellow and white color combination!