My new Tattoo

This is my new tat, you have to tilt your head to both sides to see what it says.

That’s unusual. I like the font style (is that what you call it when it’s body ink?)

Is it on your arm (she hesitates as she asks this but then figures, what the hey)?

What a nifty tat Paulaque! :mrgreen:

I love it, does it say “Knit Happens and Purl Power”?

I wasn’t sure, but that does look right!

The middle part looks like initials when I turn my laptop. What does it say?

Here you go.

Now you can really see it.

Yes, it says Knit happens and Purl power, and it is on my upper right arm, as soon as it heals I am going to get a ball of yarn (purple for fibromyalgia of course) and a crochet hook with yarn font that says happy hooker.

I loved the idea of an ambigram (two words melded into one design) due to knitting and purling being the reverse of each other. Oh, and forgot to say that the crochet tat will be on my left upper arm.