My new nostepinne

It arrived today (ordered from the UK about 3 weeks ago). Isn’t it bee-u-tee-ful?! And my first little cake didn’t turn out too badly :smiley:

Oooh – it’s so pretty! I’ve got a ball winder – two, actually, one for jumbo sizes and one for regular – at home, but I’d love to have something like that for on the road. So far, all the LYSs have been able to ball my yarns for me, though.

Your ball looks so nice and even! Mine for crochet and knitting machine always came out rather messy, even if they did work…the winder was just so much easier…

Very nice! Thanks for sharing and giving me something new to add to my want list.

No problem! I’m nothing if not an enabler LOL

OOh, me likey!! :teehee:

I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time~and your “cake” looks lovely!

Ooh something else I need. Thanks for adding to my wish list.
Nice job on the cake.