My new knitting inspiration

You work such beautiful, intricate patterns, they are just amazing. Can’t wait to see how it comes out~

What an exquisite piece! I see why you’re inspired! Beautiful! Mary

Lima, you are just so talented! I wish I could visualize patterns in my head and then put them on paper and make them!


Fabulous work!! I love watching all your creations some to life!

:inlove: so pretty!!

You are a true knitting goddess :cheering:

blue lacey poncho turning onto unexpected beauty!!! I’m working on lacey border now and I’ll knit lacey colar after that.
I ever seldom saing ‘‘it is a difficult knitting’’ but this time it was a difficult circular knitting. The swirled lacey flower gave me a hard time. I did mistakes all the time and started all over…

Now I’m happy. it is difficult to block it also, because it isn’t exactly a circle… I have to block separated parts of this poncho and then again to block whole thing…

I’ll show it later:)


now pictures included