My new knit-on-the-go pouch! - Update pg 4

I was on a mission to find the perfect little drawstring pouch bag for me to carry a small knitting project in. I couldn’t find anything that met my needs. Some were cute, but I didn’t like the color, others were too big or too small, or just not right.

So I [I]made[/I] one. :cheering:

I found this embroidered taffeta at Joanns and fell in love with it. Ugh… I just luv luv luv it!! It has two pockets inside, a loop to attach it to my purse or belt loop, and a yarn-keeper loop to guide my yarn as I knit. It’s modeled after a Go-Knit Pouch, but cuter. :wink:

I also bought fabric for a second in a black & silver brocade with a pale pink lining. :heart:

Ooooh, shiny and pretty and functional all in one little bag!!! Did you use a pattern or just come up with it on your own??? Love it!!

I love it!!! Did you have a pattern or did you just wing it? Simply beautiful…hmmm…another project in the making for me, I’m afraid, lol!

So cute!!
The fabrics are really pretty, pink rules!

I just winged it. I had been looking at the Go-Knit Pouch and some other pouches online when I decided I’d just make one. So I just fashioned it after those. It was pretty easy, but next time I’ll know to sew the button holes for the cording holes BEFORE I sew the two pieces together. I had to do them by hand! LOL

Wow, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented! Now, are you going to be selling them?

Hahaha… that was the first thing DH said… “make more and sell em!” Always the entrepreneur!

I’m thinking about it… :wink:

sooooo cute!

This is absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting something like this only a little bigger to protect my knitting when it is in my work bag and I love the design of this. I have some really beautiful brocade that I also got at JoAnn’s that I think will work. Maybe after holiday knitting is done… Thanks for posting this, fabulous job!:notworthy:

FYI, if you want to make one…

The bottom circle is 6 1/4" diameter (used a salad bowl lol), and the side is approximately a 11.5" x 19.75" rectangle. I wasn’t dead on accurate or anything either. I cut the pieces the same size for both the inside and outside, but for the outside piece I sewed a 1/4" seam and the inside piece I sewed about a 3/8" seam to allow it to fit neatly inside the other. But most of it was guess-work and eyeballing and it turned out great. So have fun and go to town. :slight_smile:

Yer a talented lady. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the specs… now maybe I’ll have to make it just a bit sooner than after the holidays…:drool:

Very nice!


(hmm… need to clear the sewing to do decks to make way for this… do we really need curtains?)

I should send you the ridiculous amount of brocade that i have around the house to make me some. Except, of course, i have no use for them since most of my projects are too big. But that is just so pretty! I would have sworn it was a lantern moon bag if you hadn’t said you made it. very nice!

:inlove: VERY cute, Kristin! great job! you have good taste! :cheering:

I am SO freaking jealous, Silver!!! It looks amazing! :passedout:

That’s really cute. I have a GoKnit pouch, but I wasn’t jazzed about the available colors. If I could, I’d make a bunch of different ones. Unfortunately, the extent of my sewing ability is sewing buttons back on shirts. And even that is questionable.

That is adorable, Silver. I carry my ‘out of the house’ knitting in a blue draw string carpet bag that I bought at a Bon Marche in about 1974. Now that I’ve seen yours, though, I’m feeling slightly envious and may have to make one. If I could only find my sewing machine. :aww:

In the mean time, your ingenuity continues to amaze me!

that’s so cute! I have one already and I still want yours! haha

You read my mind! This is exactly the way that I was going to make one- I even already have the fabric! :smiley:

It looks great- I’m going to work on mine this weekend.

You did a great job!! Thanks for sharing the photo.