My near death experience

Last night, after we got home from church, I started dinner while dh and dd went upstairs to change.

I took all my baking pans out of the oven (I have no cupboard space, so they are stored there) and placed them on top of the stove. I turned the oven on and put in the bread to warm.

I grabbed a sauce pan and put in on the stove and turned on the burner. I got a jar of spaghetti sauce and tried to open it. The stupid thing would not open. I tried and tried. I did every trick I could think of.

I took the sauce pan off the burner, and turned to head upstairs to get my dh to open the sauce for me.

As I got around the corner, I hear a loud BOOM.

I had turned on the wrong burner! I turned on the back burner, which was underneath a class casserole dish, which exploded when it got hot enough. There were glass shards all over my kitchen.

If I had been able to open that spaghetti sauce, I would’ve been standing right there, stirring it!

So my dh and I started cleaning up the mess, and I thought, you know what? I’m going to try that spaghetti sauce again.

Sure enough, it opened up, first try, no problem. Like butter baby.

My mother in law says my guardian angel must be getting gray, with all the work he has to do.

Oh my goodness! Isn’t it absolutely amazing how things like that happen. Some people call them coincidences. I call them “Godincidents.”

I’m so glad you are okay. Cleaning up the mess certainly must have been a joy given the fact that you weren’t right in the middle of it.


Honestly? I was laughing the whole time. My dh actually told me to leave the room because he was afraid I was going to cut myself, I was laughing so hard.


Oooh! I’ve got chills!

I’m so glad you are ok :muah:

Wow. While a bit on the scary side, I love when you get to see devine intervention at work.

That sure is a blessing that you’re ok! :hug:
I did the same thing with a plate about a year ago, except I was standing right there! I had just told my daughter to leave the kitchen (she was standing right under foot), and my husband was setting the table. The plate exploded and I never screamed so loud in my life. The glass was everywhere- everywhere but on me. I don’t think I had one piece of glass on me, it completely missed me! It was a miracle.
I have hardly any counter space, which is why I had set a plate on the burner, but I’ll never do that again!

Wow… God sure was looking out for you! Glad you are ok and sorry for your casserol dish. :frowning:

I agree - your guardian angel was looking out for you!

:rofl: I did that EXACT thing around Christmastime! Except my dish was full of a casserole. :roll: It went [I]everywhere. [/I]Glad you’re OK!

So glad you’re okay - could have been really bad. But I agree…got to get back to the spaghetti sauce! My absolute favorite!!

I am glad you’re ok, who cares about a casserole dish when you were placed out of range by a Guardian Angel.
The worst thing that could have happened is if your knitting were in the presence of all those shards of glass! Just kidding, but glad you were kept from harm.


Oh my…I completely forgot about my knitting! Now that would’ve been tragic!


That’s such a scary experience!! It definitely seems like someone is watching out for you.

ai! glad you didn’t get hurt. :hug:

Auburnchick has it right. No such thing as coincidence in my book. HE has everything under control, and for that, I am always thankful.
Glad you were able to laugh at the mess. :cheering:

Freaky. :slight_smile: At least you have a sense of humor. I would have been ticked off about cleaning up the mess! :wink:

I’m glad you were not hurt. That could have been scary!!

Today my dh was moving something thru the kitchen out on to the deck. I was in another room on the computer. After about FIVE minutes I smelled gas.:oo: I went into the kitchen and checked the stove. He had unknowingly turned on TWO of the gas burners while he pushed that heavy thing thru the kitchen!!! :noway:I shut them off and thank God nothing bad happened. The house smelled of gas for quite awhile.