My Mini City?

How many of you have one or have heard of it or whatever. Here’s mine.
Is it pretty recent or pretty old. IDK??? I guess I’ll find out.
Anyway, uhh enjoy!

Cool. I created one too, called Knit City.

Cool! Its going to really sprout in a few days

It looks like a computer game called SimCity - my hubby and his engineering friends are addicted to the game. You build a city and see how long you can sustain it through fire, huricanes, etc.

Wow, cool man it’s getting big!!

i just built mine a minute ago!

Coolios princess!
Here’s my add on link.

how did you get so much population? lol, i cant many to visit mine :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK. I’m lucky I guess.

One more link now.

Have any of you ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon?
that is one fun game!

(my husband managed to build a roller coaster that ended up killing all the people who rode it.)

Anyways, that’s an absorbing game, RCT.

I love that game! I definitely built a rollercoaster that killed people. I also picked some of the visitors up and dropped them in the water…they eventually drown. Gosh, what does this say about me???
I also love Sim City and The Sims…I was addicted to The Sims.