My Love Affair with Hobby Lobby is OVER!

I went to a HL last week and what do I see on the door? But a sign informing me that they “reserve the right to search anyone”!!!:noway: EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME???

I have nothing to hide and they definitely have a right to search someone they have evidence of stealing once they are in the store…but to be subjected to arbitrary searches at their whim???

I think not! I have a good mind to send them a letter letting them know I have a right to go buy my yarn and art supplies at Michael’s!

Just venting!

I hope they meant search any bags you are carrying.

How very unfriendly.:hmm:

Mine has that sign too. Must have a lot of trouble with shrinkage.

Note to self, when lonely, go to Hobby Lobby. :blooby:

Oh, that is a shame that a store has such a theft problem that they have to search people. I wonder if they have the option of installing those loud-screechy-beepy things at the exits that can detect a product being heisted. (I hope you know what I mean, they are at places like Target and other stores too.)

Personally…(I do love some things at hobby lobby), but the store kind of pisses me off. Some of the yarn they have is priced differently (FOR THE SAME EXACT YARN!), and they don’t have the scanners at the cash registers…hello, it’s 2007! I think it’s kind of scammish. Have the same yarn with different prices…no scanners…easy to get away with it. Be sure to check for the lowest priced yarn if you buy it!

First of all, ain’t nobody searching my purse for no reason! If the [B][I][U]cops[/U][/I][/B] need probably cause, then so does Hobby Lobby!

If they mean the bags with stuff I’ve purchased at HL (and am on my way out the door), same thing goes! Once I’ve paid my hard earned money for it, it MY property and without probable cause (that is, me on a security camera sticking things in my purse - which, of course, I would never do), then they better keep their hands off!
Don’t mess with Texans…even immigrant ones :wink:

I do wish that the stores in general would get an upgrade. I love going to mine but the store is old and kind of icky. And they are deficient on the scanning technology too.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money … more people will want to go to a nicer store!!!

I think the sign is worded poorly. I would hope they mean they will search someone IF they have reason to, like if someone was observed acting suspiciously, and not just because you’re wearing green today.

I go there alot when the needles go on 50% off…and I admit, Im sure I annoy the piss out of them, but I hover and make for SURE they discount me. They’ve messed up my totals before. :fingerwag:

I work at Michaels and we have a lot of theft in our store, but there is nothing the employees can do about it. Nowadays you don’t know what the person will do to you. I’ve heard stories of people putting stuff in their bag right in front of someone, the employee telling them they saw it, asking them to pay for it, and if they don’t comply, that’s it. You let them walk out. If you accuse them of something, you never know if you’ll get shot or beat up!

As far as the alarm system, you have to put a sticker or something on each package. The high value item that’s frequently stolen at our store is the crystal beads. All the customer has to do is pull off the packaging/sticker and take the beads. There’s no way to make it work. The high dollar large items are locked up (Cricut, airbrushes, etc.) You would not believe how high the theft is our store. It’s so sad. I can’t believe how many people that don’t care about laws or other’s property! Crazy world we live in!


You made me laugh so hard lol. thank you I needed that!:rofl:

Those stores are not in my area at all. I’m not even sure there are any in New York State.:tap: I’ve never been in one. I only have ACMoore, Joanns and a Michael’s.

Don’t ever come to the UK then :stuck_out_tongue: There are a TON of places here that search you on entry - gotta keep an eye out for terrorists y’know. I don’t mind being searched, I have nothing to hide so I have no reason to worry.

What I don’t like about HL is that they’re not open on Sundays. (Day of rest, time for worship with family) BUT that’s about the only day I’m able to make it since it’s about 40 miles away and I can visit my mom that day because she doesn’t have dialysis. I have to plan a special trip otherwise. Michaels is open Sundays, but that store is really run down.

Once again: punish everyone for the actions of a few too many.

I’ll stick to shopping at Micheals in Saratoga or Albany or Joann’s (also in Albany)

I had never heard of Hobby Lobby before coming to KH… I looked at their website - no stores in California. Guess I will have to find somewhere else to go when lonely. :wink:

I’ll stick to the store I used to work for, Ben Frankin’s

I think that’s what they really mean…I imagine they just have to phrase it the way they do for legal reasons. I’m sure they really aren’t going to search people for no reason.

In fact, most retail stores are EXTREMELY careful about doing anything to catch a shoplifter. Usually, they just want the items back…they don’t want to press charges because it is expensive. And obviously, if you falsely or incorrectly accuse someone of shoplifting, I would say that you’ve lost that customer’s business.

KellyH57 don’t they have cameras at your Micheals? Can’t you call the cops? I mean people can just steal things and no one does anything about it? What store do you work at again?:teehee: