My knitting tattoo - It's done.. pix pg 2!

My long awaited tattoo appointment is this evening at 5:00 (est)! :woohoo:

Pix to come soon!

Cool, can’t wait to see it.

:woohoo:Can’t wait to see the pix.

cool Kristen. Can’t wait to see pictures.

I bet you are so excited!! I’m with the can’t wait to see it crowd!

I really want to see it too! It’s 4:45 now! :happydance: :teehee:

I am in line waiting to see the pic. You have to be excited.

Still waiting

can’t wait


It’s 5:15 central time. Arent you done yet?:hair:

:tap: It’s 620 your time Silver, we are waiting. :slight_smile:

OK OK!! Geez, I had to blog it first, then send pix to my sis and mom. LOL

Click for the bigger piccie! I’m SOOOOO HAPPY WITH IT! LOVE the pink. OMG. I love it. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

:cheering: AWESOME!!! :heart::woot:It looks really good! :thumbsup: [SIZE=1]Now I want a tattoo[/SIZE] :shifty:

That is so cool! :shock: I never imagined you could make knit say purl! That is incredibly awesome! Yay for you! :woohoo:

That is so cool. if i thought i could bring myself to get one done, i would have you make me one of those!

Here is something that i really just don’t know… How are tattoos generally priced? I mean i realize it is different depending on size and intricacy of the piece of course but something sort of small like that… what kind of range would i be looking at (hoping it is a number that i just couldn’t bring myself to pay so i have another reason to not get one…lol)

This knit/purl tattoo cost me $120. Which is really not much in my opinion. My lease expensive tattoo was $50 which is their minimum price, my most expensive was $300.

Thank you everyone! :muah:

Oh wow! Your artistic talent is just too much for this lowly, non-talented gal. I just love the new tattoo! So creative!!! You truly rock!


Very cool.

Wow :passedout:…that is soo cool… and makes me want one even more…

the one on your foot is cute!!

my brother just got his 5th one the last time I was home…he tried to get me to go…said he could “hook me up” with what I wanted on my wrist for 20.00…that kinda worried me cause what kind of tattoo is only 20.00??? :teehee:

maybe one day I’ll get past the fear :oo:

Thank you, but I didn’t design this one. My tattoo artist did. I only gave him a concept design and he did all the frilly purty stuff. I tweaked it a bit, but it’s mostly his work. :heart:

That is pretty cool!