My Knitting in the Round Oops

I’ve been churning out tons of fingerless gloves for Xmas presents over the past week. I LOVE this pattern: Those Mitts by Leslie Friend. (Rav link)

Anyway, I started one this AM and just had a few rounds of ribbing done (I’m using Magic Loop). I picked up the mitt again this afternoon and started knitting away, until I realized I had a hole a couple rows down on one of the edges (ie between the 2 needles). I thought maybe I slipped in a yo, but no… Then I thought maybe I had just not pulled the stitches tight and it was a ladder. But I am a pretty tight knitter… :??

I went a couple more rounds until the hole was really bothering me, and decided to tink back. When I got close I realized it was right about where I re-started knitting this afternoon. I’d started knitting in the wrong direction! :figureditout: Since I’d only had a few rows done, the “tube” was still at that stage where it will turn inside out, and I just didn’t notice that I was going the wrong way.

I’ve never done that before, but now I know what it looks like. A little similar to the twisted cast on Mobius effect, but easier to fix. :woohoo: Just thought my mistake might help someone else someday!

That can happen with knitting in the round on dpns or regular circs too. When you pick up your knitting, you need to make sure the working yarn is coming off the right needle, not the left.

That must be very irritating! Never happened to me before on the round (I’ve only knit 2 completed projects on the round). Once, however, when knitting flat, I got to this point on the pattern where I had to turn my work. I left my knitting and picked it up later. However, I managed to do something weird and started knitting on the opposite direction. After some rows I realized my mistake, cursed myself, and ripped it back to my error.

I’ve made this mistake while knitting two socks on one magic loop needle. Instead of dropping one yarn in the middle and picking up the new yarn for the other sock, I went ahead with both yarns. Didn’t find the mistake until I had knitted around the second sock and had to tweak back one whole sock.

Ouch! I’ve done this too. I kept wondering why I was seeing the wrong side but I figured if I kept on knitting I’d eventually see the right side.

[color="#330099"]I don’t remember making that mistake, but then I’m not adverse to unusual “design elements.” :wink: If it was many rows back I might have just left it, turned again, and then used double stitched to close the holes later. :wink:

Unless of course it end up making the project looking like this.

[Belted Galloway]

I sometimes get to see a herd of these along the highway on my commute home. I once contemplated a sweater pattern that could have looked like that on me. :doh:

P.S. Thanks for linking to the pattern. (For any not on Ravelry, the patter can be found at this PDF link.)
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There was a herd of Belted Galloways near where I lived in Chapel Hill, NC, for many years. I used to drive by there just to see them! I love cows.

All is well and my fixed fingerless glove is finished. But a coworker saw me working on them and admired them, so now I have another pair to make! I don’t mind though as they are really quick and I always am happy when someone likes my knitting. A lot of my friends don’t understand or think it is a dumb hobby.

Never had that happen before (the oops thing) I am just “diggin” the cow!!! :slight_smile:

very cool pattern…thanks for posting!!:muah: