My husband's mad at me coz I won't sell my stuff in a Xmas craft show!


Geez! Ok, so he’s downstairs like really mad at me because there is a local Xmas show here in the Catskills in this little village… and he’s been saying I could make a couple hundred for the past few weeks and I kept saying I don’t think sooooooo AND today I got out all my stuff, some beautiful angora & mohair skinny scarves, about 5 adult hats (Noro newsboy cap, watermelon wool hat) and some really sweet baby hats I experimented on. Some cell phone holders.
And I’m looking at it all and thinking, I DON’T WANT TO SELL THIS STUFF I LOVE IT) (I love that soft red long long skinny scarf!) Maybe it would be different if I could be there but you have to just drop it all off and they arrange it. (they get 20%) And he thinks ha ha people will pay $40 for a little skinny scarf, maybe in the city (NYC) yes but here? Now? I don’t think so! I did sell two hats last winter at a shop up here for $60 and $50 but that was a special shop. But I really love this stuff and I don’t want to sell it for like $10 why CAN’T HE UNDERSTAND THAT? geez

Most people don’t understand how much hand knitted items really cost, even with just materials and not even including labor. $10 or $15 for something made with Noro or angora, you might as well throw it at random people on the street.

They’re your babies and you want them to go to a good home, which is perfectly reasonable. He’s probably just seeing dollar signs and if he doesn’t have a craft doesn’t get it like most people… I agree with you though. If it’s not the right price for the items, and if you can’t tell who they’re going to, it might not be worth it. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your husband is being so un-understanding. I just noticed that you mentioned that you’re from the cat skills, and my parents are from there. Just wondering what part.

Tell him to whip up something ornate out of wood that he spent time sawing, sanding and painting. Then see if he wants to sell it for a few bucks.:wink:

Husbands!!! Sometimes they just don’t get it!

I am also from the Catskills - Monticello. My mother still lives there. Where are you?

Well my Mom was from the Kerhonkson area and my Dad was from Cottic Hill. I have no idea how to spell it, but that’s the way it sounds when you pronounce it. :slight_smile: I’m in GA now. I haven’t been up to the Catskills in years now, and when I saw you were from there it was like a blast from the past! Awesome to meet you! I’ll have to tell my Mom about you in the morning, she’ll think that’s cool. I hope things settle down with your husband soon. :slight_smile:

My DH used to not understand why I knit, sew, and quilt. I always used to tell him that he needed to get a hobby - that was about 10 years ago. He finally got a hobby and now hunts with a friend, I get peaceful weekends of knitting, quilting, and sewing - I don’t hear too much about all my stuff, all over the house, what are you making that for, etc… (it is either he has a hobby or just gave up and realized how much I like to do what I like to do)
Love it…

I know that when DH and I had disagreements over my hobbies - I had to explain to him why I liked it, even if he didn’t understand. I think over the years he has seen how much time it takes for me to create something and sees that it does relax me, especially in times of stress.

When things cool down - talk to your hubby. He may not understand the particulars of the craft sale and doesn’t understand that the items you made are worth a lot more than you could ever sell them for at the craft sale.

Only someone who puts all the time into it knows how much effort it takes. My dad does stained glass and my mom has wanted him to put it in shops for years. I told her recently that he couldn’t make up his time by selling lamps or windows. Things that intricate made by hand would have to be priced very high. You can buy the cheap stuff from china and people wouldn’t understand the pricing. He might be able to make small suncatchers and do OK.

I have contemplated making up a few things but they might only be dishcloth and towel sets or facecloth and soapbag sets from something like sugar and cream. Not a huge outlay for materials and not a huge outlay for time, either.

Good luck talking to your hubby.


Tell your husband what I would perceive to be the truth at this moment in time - that people would be unwilling to pay a high price for any hand-crafted items at this time, due to the economic downturn. Retailers “get it” and are discounting like crazy, including putting up a bunch of loss-leader sale items to lure us into the store.

In a year when Black Friday won’t see the big retailers get into the black, it’s likely that your DH’s plan to make a couple of hundred dollars would flop. People just don’t have it this year, even those in the big cities. :frowning:

He probably doesn’t understand the true value of the items. Even in good economic times it’s hard to get what they are worth.

I don’t know, I guess somewhere people are paying $300+ for a hand knit sweater and $50-$75 for a scarf, but nobody in my world is buying them.

Could you do a breakdown of costs etc on a piece of paper for each item. Things like cost of materials, hours taken to produce (and whatever you think you would earn an hour for your work) then a percentage profit minus what the craft fair takes. Maybe in black and white figures he’d be more likely to understand - either that or ban you from buying yarn ever again…:wink:

My husband has yet to go on about me selling my stuff or pitch a fit over how much I have . I don’t think he knows how much I have actually.

But yes I agree that after you spend ALL of the time working on it you don’t want to part with it.

I’m pretty sure if your husband wants hand knitted things to sell at the craft fair, he can learn to knit and sell his own &%@* stuff. :slight_smile:

I know how you feel about selling it for next to nothing. Our church had a crafts fair and I would rather donate money than to sell items for a price I know people would be willing to pay. One lady was sellling knitted afghans for $25. I don’t mind giving things away though as long as I never intended to sell them in the first place.

I think that’s my favorite answer! :teehee: The other one is purpleegg’s[B]
10 or $15 for something made with Noro or angora, you might as well throw it at random people on the street. [/B]

I agree Marla… even in the city people won’t be spending the bucks like usual. I would rather give my the beautiful scarves and hats I’ve made to my nieces than let them go for $15 or $20. (although $20 sounds like a lot sometimes ha)

THANKS for all your replies. Yes, lucky is the woman who has a husband with a hobby. But even though my dh does work with wood and build things around the house, he’s never ever tried to sell anything. He doesn’t realise the time spent esp when you’re designing something you feel is special. (Kelly…you got it right…[I] Tell him to whip up something ornate out of wood that he spent time sawing, sanding and painting. Then see if he wants to sell it for a few bucks.ting. Then see if he wants to sell it for a few bucks[/I].)

I did my first craft fair last year (2007) up in the Catskills. I paid $25 for the table. It was in the fall and all the 'weekend warrior’s were gone and so was their money. The locals actually gasped when they saw the price of a few of my hats but then later, at Christmas I met this wonderful girl who owns a store in Margaretville called The Lost Art of Living. As I said, she sold two of my hats for $50 and $65. I NEVER thought I could get that much but she did!

Jen… I’m in Bovina Center which is hm, upper catskills, near Delhi, Andes, not as far north as Hunter. Really beautiful but it was 15 last night !!!

It’s a funny thing, you (I) don’t want to feel selfish yet, I haven’t been knitting for enough years to want to just let stuff go that I love you know?
thanks again for your support, I needed it:hug:

If u are considering doing a craft show, think of something fast, easy and not so expensive to do. U can turn around a double your cost or even triple, but that is only if you get the yarn at a good cost.

I am considering one coming up in the spring plus I also sell candles that I make too and usually get what I ask for.

Thank u and good luck

He doesn’t get it and he probably won’t. Put your foot down. You put too much work into that stuff and can do what you want with it.