My Husband asked me to knit him something!

ok, so I am pretty excited, my hubby asked me to knit him a toque! He used to get so annoyed by me knitting, and told me that I looked like an old lady! I guess he thinks I am getting good! I mean he asked who was going to get the one I am making now! :slight_smile: teehee! So cool!:woohoo:

That’s awesome! My boyfriend is happy I have a number of hobbies I enjoy, rather than thinking I seem “old” for knitting. I guess his ex-wifes’ hobbies were hoarding and smoking and not much else…

:cheering: I’ve knit my husband multiple hats. They are easy and fun! :thumbsup:

I could use some pointers/help with knitting a simple hat…

Starting a new thread is a good idea for this topic. I sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

Merci :slight_smile:

If there is a gage and a specific yarn types listed- use it! :slight_smile: What kinda hat are you wanting to knit? I have only knit this one so I may not be the perfect person to ask!

Hi! :waving:

When my husband and I first got together I was crocheting an afghan. He complained THE WHOLE TIME I was working on it, probably because he felt it took my attention away from him.

But I just kept working and finally it was done! Yay, Yippee! I laid it over the chair and went out to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee and by the time I got back he was rolled up in it like a windowshade, sound asleep on the sofa!!! He totally took possession of the thing but the upside was he stopped complaining!

Now, over 30 years later, he spent most of the winter curled up in his recliner under yet another afghan I made!

It might take some time, but they usually do come to appreciate your creations! :roflhard: Good luck with that!

Meanwhile, happy knitting! :knitting:


The only thing my dh has asked for are socks. The only problem with that is he is a builder and he comes home with all manner of disgusting things in his boots along with some phewwww stinky feet. Sawdust, concrete, plumbing glue, and etc… gross.

I havent’ decided if I should pass or try to tell him when it is (and when it is not) ok to wear my beloved creation.

Or maybe you’ve aged into it :wink:

LOL! There are so many way to read that, and they are all pretty funny!