My HOMESPUN yarn experience :-(

I know, I know. The discussion about Lion Brand HOMESPUN is just endless, ain’t it? I can’t remember who…but someone here at KH had asked “what is all the fuss about” this yarn? I added my two cents worth…but…a PHOTO is worth a million words. I just got back from vacationing on our mountain wilderness property…and I have two HOMESPUN lap blankets that stay there. They are warm and cozy, and I just loved the soft rainbow coloration. However, I just hate the “performance” of the yarn. Aaaargh. Pills, pills, and more pills. So many that the blankets look like they have bugs attached to them! It is [I]almost [/I]humorous! Fortunately, these two hideous blankets are mine…not something I gifted to someone! I did gift two sweaters to my son and his wife several years ago…sweaters that I saw them wear one time each. I heard that she was using them for 'round the house bathrobes. Garments not only “pill”…they stretch horribly, too! A size 8 for my DIL became a 28…and my son’s size L became a “tent” I think. A lot of work for nothing in my opinion…considering that the sweaters are virtually useless for what they were intended. :pout:

OK, here are a couple photos of my blankies! I gave up on pruning the “pills” after the second washing!

The Garter Stitch Blankie, after multiple washings. :pout:

A close-up of the “pills”…aka “bugs”!

The sad appearance of the “fringe”.

:ick: It’s a shame to see such good knitting go to waste.

I had the same experience with a crochet afghan a few years ago, never touched the yarn again.

A picture IS worth a thousand words. Now I am trying to decide what to do with the stash I have waiting for three different sweaters. I’m not even sure I want to donate it. Luckily the sales can be so good on this yarn that I don’t think I spent too much on it.

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]I knitted my DH a scarf with Homespun. It was my first time using Homespun and my first knitted item for my DH. He wore that thing everyday … absolutely loved it. However it looks like it’s been around for decades, but he only used it one season. Poor guy, I need to make him another one … with a different yarn of course. LOL. [/SIZE][/FONT]

Damn that Homespun!! Shame they so many pretty colors!!

I’m working on a ripple throw with homespun right now, and suprisingly enough, I kind of like the worn in look. I think it looks loved and gives the blanket a whole new set of personalities. I think if the pills bother you that much, then don’t bring it out for company, just curl up under it with a good book. Who cares? :slight_smile:

Just my two cents…

Thanks for the photos. Pilling is the thing I dislike the most. I guess even wool can pill? But I don’t really wear wool either if I can help it since it’s too itchy.

I agree, Homespun is so frustrating to work with, especially since the product ends up looking so worn out very quickly.

:think: Good point about the worn look. I guess then, my problem with Homespun is the stretch factor. It really does stretch something awful. The stretch probably doesn’t matter as much with afghans, but it’s a sure no-no with clothing. :ick:

Hi Riss! :waving:

Yeah, that’s what I do. They are warm and cozy…so they are in our Wilderness Trailer on top of Nighthawk Summit. We have 20 acres on top of a wilderness mountain in NorthEastern Washington State! We spend one week in May, June, July, Aug and Oct. So these two Homespun blankies are over there on my sofa…and I use them to curl up with a good book (or with some knitting) on chilly mornings or late evenings.

I refuse to toss them. But, like I said the other day…“what happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain…” And that includes my hideous Homespun blankies! :teehee:

I use all my homespun in my stash (admit it, we all have some hiding in there) for my knit graffiti projects. I make scarves and put them on statues. there is a fantastic looking buddah mama thing on my campus that is beggin for a hat.

Oh yeah here is my knit graffiti website

Yeah… I’m a sucker for colors too!

I guess that while it is soft, and squishy warmness, I’d never make something wearable out of it aside from something that is okay if it stretches some, like a scarf or hat. Then again, I’m not a big fan of poofy sweaters :stuck_out_tongue:

I think every yarn definitly has its uses though… some just have more than others. :slight_smile:

May I suggest pads for your local humane society? About 12 -24" x 12-14" is what my society suggests. Garter stitch and the animals could care les about the pills. Better than tossing it. I wouldn’t use Homespun again unless it were the ONLY yarn left in the world. I might even tight things (grass, flowerstalks, etc) together first!

How do you make these pads…other than just making a large rectangle? Is there an actual pad or are you just basically making a dog blanket? :shrug:


The back of the Homespun sweater I began and couldn’t bring myself to finish, is in the dog’s crate. He loves it! I hated working with the stuff, and the back, although done to gauge, looked as if it would fit three people! Stretchy! Such a pretty colour and so soft, and not itchy. I had hopes for that sweater. And four balls of yarn left… samm

At one time, not so long ago I was one of those knitters that defended this yarn. Then I finished my shawl, and laundered it a couple if times, it is a frizzy, pilly, stretched out mess. But, it is soft, and cuddly! I keep it on my bed so I can wrap up in it while I’m in bed knitting, or reading(about knitting of course), or just catching up on my beauty sleep.
Will I knit with it again, most likely not. I’ve still got some left in my stash, and I think I’ll use it for pet blankets as suggested. I’ll not be using it for anything that might be seen outside my house.

Hi’ya Linda! :waving:

[B][COLOR=blue]YUP…exactly! My two Homespun blankies are resting on my trailer couch over on our mountain property. I use them “undercover”! No one but me, DH and the dogs see them! But, DH and the dogs could care less![/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#0000ff]They are warm and cozy, however, the bug-like pills are icky to the touch![/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#0000ff]Thanks for sharing your experience. :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/B]

They are just dog blankets that lie on the floor of the kennels. Super easy and a fast way to get rid of that awful yarn.:yay: