My heart is broken! son hates my first sweater

he is only three, but my son has declared war on my very first sweater. it’s made with encore and he says it hurts him even when he is wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath. he is a very sensitive guy and wont wear anything with tags, so i should have known he would be sensitive to the yarn, but OH MAN! all that work! :pout:

has this ever happened to anyone?

:verysad: Yes, it’s happened to me, and it’s a terrible feeling! But are you sure it’s the yarn? Could there be someplace where the fit is a bit tight (cuffs? neck?) that maybe you could loosen a bit?

Also try washing it first and adding some fabric softener? :shrug:

I had that happen
the teeny tiny girl we babysit LOVES pink, so i knit her this Shrug (her mom found the Pin)
this Lovely child promtly told me she HATED it
a few different times ovwer 3 months
today when we picked her up, she has it on, and told me its her favorite
seems her best friend LOVES it
that helped


True, 3 yos change their mind as often as the weather. Wash the sweater, soften it up and put it away for a week or three, then try it on him. Maybe he’ll forget `it hurt’ the first time.


ok im going to wash it in fabric softener and put it up for a few weeks.

its not tight anywhere. it fits him surprisingly well, considering the gauge was off

thanks guys. :muah:

Oh this has so happened to me also…and between my mom and I we have made many items for my son…from scarfs to hats and so on, but the first was a sweater made my me and he just screams and runs from it. Of course I spent more than I ever would have on any other sweater I would have bought for him…but it really hurt that he wouldn’t even wear it for 10 seconds so I could get a photo of him in it…however unhappy he would look in it. But at least I have a large growing family and I can send it off to someone I hope will appreciate it.

Oh and we have tried everything to make this sweater and manyother things as comfy as possible (washing, ect.) but it seems he freaks out even if we wear our own hand made items…

Anyways just wanted to let you know I feel your pain.


oh wow… :grphug:

I know this is manipulative parenting, but sometimes I tell my 3 year old that “This is your “X” sweater and in order to go to 'X” you must wear this." I’ve used the library, the aquarium, school, friend’s house, whatever they are looking foward to.

Generally I let my kids pick their own clothes, but sometimes to get them to put on something new or different I try this approach. It’s probably not that the sweater is really scratchy (especially with a shirt underneath) it’s probably that it is different. Maybe if he will wear it and get a few compliments, he will enjoy it!

By the way, try it while you can, this technique doesn’t work with my five year old! :shrug:

Good luck!

My 3 yr. old gd will wear ONLY the hats and scarves I knit for her but not the sweaters. I even made her a poncho and she would only try it on for a second to please me but OFf it went. So I won’t be knitting anymore sweaters for her.

Aren’t children wonderful?



(((HUGS))) hon. I know how you feel… just take a look at my siggy! LOL! I remember feeling so horrible when she ripped it off her little body and refused to put it on! When she saw me coming again with it, she would run! :pout: It took me a little while to get over it but I feel better when she comes around and tells me she wants to knit and tries to take my knitting away to try (she’s 2). I’m sure he’ll appreciate your knitted items more as he gets older.



My stepson did that. I have a hat that he always wanted to borrow so for his B-day I made one for him, he said he liked it but never wore it so this morning on his way to school I it pulled down on his head and told him it’s cold out side. He was not happy about that but my wife was with me and she backed me up lol.

It’s too bad that three year olds don’t know how to lie to protect our feelings. :teehee:

I like the idea of putting it away and trying it again in a few weeks.

It hasn’t happened to me, but I am very sensitive to wool, so I understand where he’s coming from. That’s why I only use acrylics for stuff like that since I never know how sensitive someone might be to wool.

you guys are so great. :hug:

thank you for sharing your woes. i dont feel like pulling my hair out when i think of it now.

ive put it away and im also going the try the “this is your ‘X’ sweater!” and see if that will fool him. :teehee:

:oops: my DS2 is still waiting for me to finish his sweater that I started in April :oops: I hope it will still fit him.

You might also try two shirts underneath instead of one. I know that for myself, sometimes one layer isn’t enough to keep the prickliness from poking through (especially with t-shirts). Also check to see that his neck is protected because that’s a very sensitive place and depending on what kind of shirt he was wearing when he tried it on, there may have been some skin exposed there.