My hands hurt!

Do they make something I could wear on my hand while knitting to help keep them from hurting?

You might read through this post started just a few days ago to see what people have recommended for pain while knitting. Mainly, though, you probably need to slow down on the knitting some, take more frequent breaks, try to stay relaxed while knitting (i.e., don’t knit too tightly), and/or take some time off from knitting and do something that doesn’t require lots of hand movements.

If the pain persists, your best bet might be to see a doctor.

might try these Handeze support gloves- they relly help

those Berrocco gloves look fantastic - I wonder if they really work? Only one way to find out…

i have the generic version from hobby lobby, and they work well…:slight_smile:

You can get from amazon, too. I was going to put some on list, but don’t know what size.

ETA - My hand is 7.25 so I guess a small.

JoAnn has support gloves.
There are more here but you have to look for them.

I got the isotoner theraputic gloves on ebay, and they are fantastic for when I overdo it.