My Hands Aren't Numb Anymore!

I’ve had years of my hands going numb if I do too much of any of my crafts (quilting, knitting, snow-shoveling). It had become a lot worse lately, and was starting to cause intense pain in the ring fingers at night. My son said to me “why don’t you mention it to your chiropractor”. I hadn’t thought of that. Well, I did tell him at my monthly appointment, and he just worked and worked on my neck and upper shoulders - which wasn’t that pleasant - BUT…no more pain or numbness.
I’m so thankful. No more numb or tingling hands. :woohoo:

THat’s great! I hope you will enjoy your crafting even more now :slight_smile:

glad to hear that! Try very hard too to keep your hands flat when you go to bed. (I’m terrible at this, I fold up in on myself). But I’ve been putting my palms together and put them under my head/pillow and it helps me too.

Wow…I might have to try that. I am experiencing the same things. I might have to make a friendly visit to the chiro.

Yes, a chiro can certainly help. The nerves for our arms and hands start in the neck/upper body, so if vertebra are out of alignment and pressing on them, can cause problems. Same thing with tight muscles, they can also pull the bones out of place.

That is great news! I hadn’t thought of going to a chiropractor at all. I might have to give it a try if my hands every get bad again. I too have that curling up my hands when I sleep and have to resort to braces at night when I have lots of stress. That is just great news, no more numbness!

Wow, what a change that must be, a real change to your entire way of being!

oh that’s great!

Peripheral Neuropathy is a conditin where the hands and feet have altered perception of stimulous (they feel things wrong) this can be perceeved as Burning and or pain with even the lightest of tactile stimulous (a light touch feels like pins and needles, or burning, and any constant pressure can be very painful.

The best treatment or therapy for this condition is massage and exercise. My xH had peripheral neuropathy of both feet, and for a few years we did massage and dance flexion and extension exercises, his neuropathy receded from the mod calf, all the way down to his mid foot.

What do you think you have done to help regain your accurate sensation on your hands? is it just Knitting? Do you have any endocrine or liver history? sorry to get personal, but different issues heal different ways, and this is just the kind of mystery that drives me wild