My hand hurts

So, thanks to everyone here I finally figured out how to knit the Branching Out lace scarf. I just started yesterday and I did 10 repeats and when I went to knit today my right hand started hurting a lot. Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions as to what to do?



Is it your wrist or your actual hand that is achy? If you are just achy/sore I would say rest for a bit. If you are a new knitter and are not used to doing weird stitches it could just be the repetition made you sore. If you HAVE to knit (like some of us) maybe garter stitch scarf on huge needles with huge yarn. won’t strain so much I think. My hands or fingers or wrists hurt after doing something new or tricky for a while. You will get used to it!:knitting:

Tree, I find that purling makes my hand hurt, so I do alittle and then do something else. I agree, it is just some movement your hand is not use to and uses different tendons more.

Or is it because my hand knows purling isn’t my favorite thing.:eyes:

It’ not my wrist, it’s the middle of my hand. Thanks for the suggestions. I let my hand soak in some warm water and that helped a little bit. I’m just worried that it could be something serious.

I have problems with the middle to lower part of my hands, too. Ibuprophen and resting it seems to help. I also find that computer use makes it much worse than knitting. :doh:

it could be how you’re holding the needle… i had to readjust how i do it and i use my right hand to hold the yarn instead of my left.

My forearm started hurting and my fingers went numb last week after spending 10 hours knitting my first sock…I had to stop for a while…

Got so bad I went to the doctor and he injected my forearm with a steroid…diagnosed with tenosynovitis (tennis elbow).

I think it was mostly due to knitting smaller stitches than I was used to…size 3 needles and sock yarn…and overuse doing computer gaming, banjo playing, etc…

I’ve been working on the Irish Hiking Scarf now and seems like it’s not as rough on my wrist/arm…

When I start my Doctor Who scarf, that should be easy…all garter stitches!:yay:


It sounds like your muscles and/or tendons got strained. Or you could be holding the needles or yarn too tight. You need to rest it a bit, then when you start up again, take breaks and don’t knit for hours on end. Soaking in hot and cold (alternating) can help, so can stretching and massaging the muscles in your lower arm.

I get that pain in the middle of my hand all the time when I’m knitting and spending alot of time typing something. Usually just a day of not knitting/typing (can you say impossible?!) solves it nicely.

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]My hand gets sore from knitting sometimes. Rest helps me. The middle finger on my right hand sometimes hurts from the way I hold the needle so I just readjust it. If you knit for long periods of time you will have sore hands/fingers from time to time. if resting it helps I would not worry about it. If the problem persists maybe you should go see a doctor. [/FONT]

Middle of your hand and on the anterior side (your palm) would indicate a form of inflammation, it’s like tendonitis but involves the palmar fascia NOT the tendons. If this condition develops full term in this area it’s called Duputrens Contracture… i’m SURE i spelled that wrong. Anyway, if left untreated your fascia in your palm will tighten and make your hand “curl” into a sort of claw. It takes a while to get to that point and you can still use your fingers and stuff, it’s just sort of inconvenient. You need to stretch your hand backwards. Like grab your fingers and pull them back. So, don’t be afraid it sounds worse than it really is. Just google it and see if you think it matches. Maybe see a registered massage therapist in your area, and i bet you’ll feel better.

That happens to me if I do a weekend marathon of knitting too much. Take one day off and you should be fine.