My Gryffindor Hat

This is the second one I made, the first was all burgundy with two narrow gold stripes. I gave it away with out taking a photo.

Thanks for looking

That looks beautiful! The stitches are so nice and even. What yarn did you use?

That looks great! :cheering:

What yarn did you use?
I used Lambs Pride worsted. The pattern is from Charmed Knits but it doesn’t call for that yarn.

It looks great!

Looks terrific!

Looks great!

Very nice work. All things HP are cool with me. :slight_smile:

That’s really cute! I like the shape of the hat!

Looks great! :cheering:

I’m planning to make one with the leftover yarn from the scarf I made. Seeing yours has made me even more eager to get started on my own! I only hope mine will look as wonderful as yours.

So cute! In a week or so (once I finish my scarf) I’m gonna be making both versions of the hat for two of my friends. :slight_smile:

I love how yours turned out. The colors are great!

Great job!! :woot:

Looks great!

I have been eyeing the “Charmed Knits” book… may have to just order it!