My goal for the day

is to hit 1000 posts.

yay! good luck!

don’t just post random stuff like Kk does! they have to be relevant! :wink:

Like your new avatar! Who is that? :wink: I really would like an answer. :smiley:

That is my husband and my daughter. She loves tattoos and found a hair tie the other day and made her own. She was pretty proud. We are going to have to discuss dating boys with Harleys. And vans. :rollseyes:

Encourage her to date tattooed boys with Harleys. She’ll go the Preppy route just to be independent!

Very clever use of the hairband, I must say!

Haha! Good idea… plus it’s not like I can say much… seeing as how I married a tattoed boy with a bike (though not a Harley…)

Now you’ll get, “But Maaa, you did it! Why can’t I?”

or maybe she’ll go to the other end just because thats what she grew up with! thats what i did. my father is Afro Am. and i have maybe dated 3 of them my whole life. all the rest were either biracial or white. and not the kind that act AA.

anyway Nuno… looks like you got one smart cookie… better watch her! :happydance:

Almost there already! Don’t you need to post some concert pictures or something?

I just noticed that Kemp is over 1000!! :cheering: :cheering: :balloons:

Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

how obnoxious would it be if i made that MY goal for the day too? :rofling: fairly certain it wouldn’t make my boss too happy! :wink:

wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…


make it a good one!