My fuzzy felted bag

i am making another felted bag for another one of my sisters using black lion’s wool yarn and some matching fun fur, I am not sure how the felting will affect the fun fur, has anyone ever made something using these two yarns? Also, I want to make a strap for the bag using the fun fur but I know that it is not strong enough to be used as a strap, so I need to include the wool when i make it and then felt that as well, does anyone know of a good looking way that i could make a lions wool/fun fur strap? My friend suggested that i crochet it…
I dont want to crochet it, because It’s almost impossible to see the stitches with a fuzzy yarn,
I could probably make a tube with dpn’s or magic loop knitting, OR i could just make a long rectangle…hmmm
what does everyone here think?

If you use a novelty yarn that you are pretty sure won’t felt (like fun fur or eyelash yarn) you can still use it as long as you knit it in with the wool. Hold both strands together and knit. I’ve done this on many different things and it always turns out fun. The eyelash gets “compacted” when the wool felts and so you end up with a very plumy look. I have also had a few instances where the novelty yarn kept the wool from felting as quickly and ended up having to run it through a few times before it was like I wanted.