My first thread crochet

This is a WIP of my first thread crochet… Not perfect, but enough to show me that I love it… You will also see my stab at a homemade way to hold the thread! But it works VERY well!!:wink:


very pretty - job well done!

That is beautiful! I bought a steel hook and perle cotton to try a fan bookmark as soon as I finish up two knit projects. You are giving me hope, if this was your first project with thread. GREAT idea to hold the thread!

looks great!! there are so many beautiful patterns out there- enjoy!

Looks very nice. :slight_smile:


I look making doilies… I just wish they had a more practical purpose. Mine are just kind of sitting around.

I usually use a full 2liter of soda to hold my thread (just plop it on top of the bottle). It allows for spin, and yet it can still be worked easily and quicky. :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful!

I think that is so beautiful :slight_smile: Nice job !

that is great!! I’ve only done the fan bookmarks. It looks like a lot of hard work and effort went into making that. Tell us more about that cool little system you have rigged up for holding the yarn! :slight_smile:

Actually, I am surprised at how easy it is!! Although I will get a sore pinky from trying to squeeze the cr*p out of the tiny thread… but I put some athletic tape on, and that stops me…:slight_smile:

Holder: I took a 100 CD spindle, put the foamy things on the bottom then the clear protector on top of that (cuz there’s ridges on the bottom, and it helps to elevate it above the lip of the spindle). Then put an empty papertowel holder, so the thread will sit in the middle with no friction when it needs to come of the bottom of the spool …

I didn’t decorate or anything, because I didn’t want any marker, or paint to wear off onto the thread. (Everything was in with the CD’s except the papertowel tube.)

I have the CD’s in the top cover that came with it right now, but once they are used up, I am thinking I can use that to cover the thread… my hooks fit nicely inside the papertowel tube… for safekeeping. That’s it… I was pretty proud of myself!:wink: I am not very clever when it comes to that kind of stuff!!

Hope I made sense!

I have one from my great-grandmother… and that is what has caused my interest… the tiny-ness of it all…

anyway, I will use them under lamps, candles (in containers, of course) etc. To protect the wood and glass of my furniture… I have had stuff scratched soooo many times by sliding something to dust or just put it in another position!


Very pretty!

Your doily is very nice but don’t limit yourself to thread. I made a couple of collars which I love making and one is made out of thread and the other is made out ot sport yarn.

Very Nice, Mathwizard! But, excuse my ignorance, what do you do with them?

I am fascinated with thread… I have seen such gorgeous items! There is a beautiful pattern I saw from a lady at crochetville that would probably be better with sport yarn tho! Unless, I wanted to drive my self crazy! Thanks for the tip!

I wear them with a turtleneck or dress up an outfit.

Very nice! My grandmother used to crochet with thread that was as small as sewing thread. She made doilies for my kids when they were born and had them framed. I also saw one stitched into a wire ring and hung up like a suncatcher. It wasn’t one of hers but it was pretty. She made small ones, like just the center, and made coasters. I saw on a knitting list how they were taking doily patterns and making them into afghans by using big needles and bigger yarn. You could try that too. Some would make beautiful throws. Keep up the good work!

Very pretty!

That sounds interesting! Thanks for the suggestion.

OMG That is beautiful work! What kind and color is that thread? I love it!