My First Sweater [Dog] :o)

OK, here’s my first sweater…Cute, fast and easy!

Peanut (note: eating a sweetgum ball, that’s why he looks funny). These are the best shots I could get of the wild man. I call him a Klingon!:


How do I make my images appear???


I see your images…and they are adorable! :cheering:

He is adorable and I love that sweater! Such pretty yarn!

Adorable dog, and beautiful sweater. What yarn did you use?

The yarn for body and neck are same, Red Heart Supersaver skeins from Walmart. Body is the type with about 4 different colors on it. I ran out of yarn after I started the neck so I used a color I had that matched one of the colors in the variegated yarn and I thought it turned out great.


How cute!!! I :heart: the sweater…and the dog!

Klingon looks like a fun and delightful dog. His sweater looks great!

Thanks. I actually made a poncho of the same yarn, now we match. LOL.

I’m ready to do a real person’s sweater now :o)


I was using images from Flickr, :wall: but they didn’t show up, so I put them on another server.

So cute! He looks so warm and cozy! :heart:

too cute~!! :heart: :heart:
You have ALREADY made your first sweater~! :notworthy: :notworthy:

I :heart: :heart: your KLingon…

Also: I love you script under your name… So many times people justify mistreating animals because they were under the dominance of man…

Thanks for pointing out that scripture~!! :heart: :heart: :heart: it~!

:cheering: I think that is very cute :smiley:


I love your dog sweater and you darling dog!! The colors are great too.

Where did you find the pattern? I would love to make one.


I love it too and would also like to know where to find the pattern. I want to make a doggie sweater for my yorkie, who weighs 12 lbs.

great job! adorable and the doggie too :notworthy:

I came in a box with a set of wooden size 9 needles with cute little dogs at the top… :teehee: I bought it at the discount aisle in Barnes & Noble for $10, and you can get it on their site too. Posh Pooches Set

This pattern is the first and easiest one, named “Basic Sweater”. There are tons of other adorable ones: a hoodie, a polo shirt, and an ADORABLE knit dress with ribbon that ties in the back, as well as an argyle, I think I’ll try that next.

If you make the :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Dress for HIM… WE WANT PICS~!! :roflhard:

Thank you for the pattern information. I’m going to order it and make it for a favorite dog!


Well, I’ll make it for my 3 girls (below)…but I might take a picture of HIM in it. :teehee: